Why I Chose School House Teachers Curriculum This Year

Why I Chose School House Teachers Curriculum This Year

So I am now in full blown homeschool planning mode right now. August is fast approaching and we have pegged August 22nd this year to be our first day of school. I always love this part of homeschooling. I love scanning over homeschool catalogs and websites. I love reading homeschool curriculum reviews on fellow bloggers websites. I have never used one boxed set of curriculum in the 8 years we have homeschooled. I have tried tons of … Continue reading →

How to Say No the Right Way

How To Say No The Right Way

How to Say “No” The Right Way That there is a right and a wrong way to say no. If you say no while your mind is really thinking yes, you eventually stop saying no. When you learn how to say no the “right” way, your behavior matches your mindset. When you tell yourself that you don’t do something, you are making a positive statement. You are telling your mind, and your emotions, that a certain activity, … Continue reading →

Saying No Doesn't Mean You're a Bad Person

Saying No Doesn’t Make You a Bad Person

When to Say No Obviously, there are times when you should say yes rather than no. If your boss offers you a raise, you would be foolish to say “No thank you.” Alternately, you probably shouldn’t say yes to a 50% drop in salary either. So, when should you say “no”? You just say no when saying yes means compromising your values, health or wellness. This means critiquing your choice before you make it. Don’t rush into … Continue reading →

3 Lies the enemy wants you to believe

3 Lies the Enemy Wants You To Believe

I am so proud of myself for sticking with the Make Over Your Mornings course. I am learning so much. I wanted to share with you some things that Crystal teaches in Days 9 through 11 in her course. They are simple truths that we all have heard before but the way she explains them and how she shares her personal testimony really shines new light on some of the insecurities and struggles that we as mothers … Continue reading →

How To Prioritize Your To Do List Correctly

Make Over Your Mornings – How To Prioritize Your To Do List Correctly

  Do you have the “should have” disease? What? You don’t know what that is? Well let me tell you. I am the expert on the “should have” disease. At the end of the day, for years I have felt guilt and failure at not doing everything on my to-do list. I just felt like there wasn’t enough hours in the day and time was vanishing into thin air. My problem was my to-do list was a … Continue reading →

How To Get Through Summer Vacation Without Breaking A Sweat

The long awaited summer break naturally spells fun for the kids, but when it comes to those who are home-schooled, moms and dads are faced with an additional challenge – how do we get the kids to stay in touch with their studies while all they’ve got on the brain is fun and games? Luckily for us, we’ve got lots of options these days, and fun and games can co-exist with education! If you’re stumped on how … Continue reading →


Why It Has Taken Me 3 Months to Get Half Way Through a 14 Day Course

I can’t believe it is 3 months later and I am just now on Day 7 of the Make Over Your Mornings course! Well, actually, I can believe it. Isn’t that how life works when you homeschool and work too? Do you know what is great about this? I’m totally okay with taking over 3 months to finish a 14 Day course. I am able to really take my time and implement a few things into our … Continue reading →

The Working Mom War

The Working Mom War Inside My Heart – Is It Even Biblical?

I have this struggle in my heart and mind. It’s like an ongoing war inside my head and in my heart. It has to do with trying to be the best at all I do, but yet feeling like I am always falling short. The main questions that repeat in my mind every day are: Is it okay for me to work? Full-time or Part-time? Is it my responsibility to make sure this new business succeeds and … Continue reading →

how to organize a 4th of July party quickly

How To Organize a 4th of July Party Quickly

I have been fervently searching the internet on how to organize a 4th of July party quick because we have dear friends coming in from out of town this weekend to spend the holiday with us. Life has been so busy with putting the house on the market and trying to implement our new minimalist lifestyle (a.k.a. getting rid of a bunch of stuff!) that this holiday totally snuck up on me. So here I am, exactly … Continue reading →

how to declutter a house pod style

How To Declutter a House POD Style

I have finally found the absolute best solution on how to declutter a house! Are you ready for it? RENT A POD! Yes it is a little unsightly, and this size POD cost $180 month, but I don’t intend to keep it forever. In fact, if the things I put in this nice little storage solution stay there untouched for over a month, then that gives me the green light to implement the DST Method (Donate, Sell, … Continue reading →