how to organize a 4th of July party quickly

How To Organize a 4th of July Party Quickly

I have been fervently searching the internet on how to organize a 4th of July party quick because we have dear friends coming in from out of town this weekend to spend the holiday with us. Life has been so busy with putting the house on the market and trying to implement our new minimalist lifestyle (a.k.a. getting rid of a bunch of stuff!) that this holiday totally snuck up on me. So here I am, exactly … Continue reading →

How I Feed My Family of 6 For $100 a Week

How I Feed my Family of 6 on a $100 Week Frugal Grocery Budget

I must confess to you I am not the most organized person, which can make monthly grocery shopping on a frugal grocery budget, or money diet as my oldest daughter calls it, a bit of a challenge.  But let me assure you it still is possible! I love the old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Due to pay cuts and the poor economy I found myself needing to slash my family’s grocery budget from about … Continue reading →

How I Became A Monthly Grocery Shopping Convert

How I Became a Monthly Grocery Shopping Convert

I recently became a monthly grocery shopping convert out of necessity. I refused for many years because it did not retrieve positive memories of my childhood living in the middle of nowhere! Monthly grocery shopping was a necessity growing up and I loved the variety I had when I moved to the city as an adult and was able to shop weekly and at a moments notice. How I Started I grew up in Big Bend National … Continue reading →

10 Healthy Kid Snacks for Road Trips

10 Easy Healthy Kid Snack Ideas for Road Trips

On days when you’ll be away from home, what can you pack for your kids that will be enjoyable to eat and healthy at the same time?  Here’s a list of 10 snacks for in the car that are sure to be a big hit for your kids, and certainly even you! 1.  Craft Box Finger Foods Vanessa at “See Vanessa Craft” has a very cute idea for craft box finger foods.  You choose your favorites:  fresh … Continue reading →

Whats For Dinner MOM 20 meal planning sites

What’s For Dinner Mom? 20 Meal Planning Sites to Solve Your Dilemma

What’s for dinner tonight? Well, look no further for a comprehensive list of menu planning websites and blogs that will help you schedule what you’ll cook for dinner tonight and the rest of the week or month. We did all the research for you and have come up with some of the best meal planning and recipe sites so you can quickly plan your meals.  Planning your meals saves time and money and alleviates the stress of … Continue reading →

16 Freezer Meals for a Month for less than $150

16 Freezer Meals for a Month for less than $150

Do you want to stop worrying about what is for dinner? You can plan freezer meals for a month in less than 15 minutes with the Build a Menu plan I use. I can show you simple, make ahead freezer meals WITH a shopping list to take to the grocery store. I was so excited to log in to the website to plan my meals and find a new freezer meal section. I was ecstatic once I realized … Continue reading →

build a menu

Build a Menu Review – Budget Friendly Meal Planning

Do you struggle with finding healthy budget friendly meals to cook? Product: Build A Menu – Helping busy families save time & money with healthy budget friendly meals Who is product for: Busy families who need help planning meals and saving money on groceries Price: $8 per month  (Use coupon code “SaveMeMoney” and get the first month for only $4) Guarantee: 30 day money back guarantee Rating: 9 out of 10 stars Try Build a Menu FREE for … Continue reading →