Responsibilities of Motherhood

Top 15 Posts to Help Juggle the Responsibilities of Motherhood

Mom. How can this one little word capture what a woman does for her family? Whether you are a mom to one or many, to babies, teens or every where in between; you stay at home or work outside the home; you are doing incredible work as you juggle the different responsibilities of motherhood.   One of our goals here at Organized Homeschool is to give you ideas, tips, and encouragement for an Organized Homeschool, Organized Life, and Organized … Continue reading →

Encouragement for the Sport of Motherhood

Encouragement for the Sport of Motherhood

As a mom one of our biggest roles in our child’s life is that of a cheerleader.  But moms need encouragement too!  Do you ever listen to the advice you use to encourage your children in their sports or other endeavors? My family just finished up our swim season, and is gearing up for surf season.  I personally am not athletic, but somehow my kids are.  As we allowed our kids to try different sports we became a … Continue reading →

Hidden Costs of Working From Home

The Hidden Costs of Working from Home

I come downstairs most mornings, and my husband is home. His work fills the dining room table and spills over into the floor all around him. I step around boxes to begin fixing breakfast. I serve it buffet style, and we find an available spot in the living room to eat. Guest post by: Jennifer Self Sometimes the clutter of working from home begins to drive me crazy, and I realize that just because we are living … Continue reading →

5 steps to homeschooling and having a career

5 Secrets To Homeschooling and Having a Career Too

This past summer (and year for that matter) has been full of changes for our family. We have had to make some very hard and unexpected decisions about how our family will operate in the upcoming school year. It has really made my husband and I sit down and really look at the “why” behind our work, homeschool, and extra activities that our family pursues. The one main thing I have learned from praying and looking deep … Continue reading →

The Working Mom War

The Working Mom War Inside My Heart – Is It Even Biblical?

I have this struggle in my heart and mind. It’s like an ongoing war inside my head and in my heart. It has to do with trying to be the best at all I do, but yet feeling like I am always falling short. The main questions that repeat in my mind every day are: Is it okay for me to work? Full-time or Part-time? Is it my responsibility to make sure this new business succeeds and … Continue reading →

Work at Home Mom Homeschooler Jennifer S

Homeschool Mompreneur Spotlight featuring Jennifer S

Jennifer L. Self has been married to Jeff for 17 years, and God has entrusted them with four children. She considers her children home educated from birth but has “officially” homeschooled them since her oldest started kindergarten 9 years ago. Now, that child is preparing to begin high school and her youngest is finishing kindergarten. Working at Home Jennifer started working from home when she was 15. She loved it so much that she only left to … Continue reading →

Work at Home Homeschooling momprenuer Allison G

Homeschool Mompreneur Spotlight featuring Allison G

Allison is a homeschooling mom who also works full-time.  Before she took a job outside of the home, she was a stay-at-home mom and a part-time family therapist.  Her husband was working third shift which made it possible for them to be with their children all day.  They decided a change needed to take place and Allison returned to the workforce while her husband also switched to a Monday thru Friday, 7 am to 4 pm job. … Continue reading →

homeschool work at home mom

Homeschool Mompreneur Spotlight featuring Kim S

Kim is a homeschooling mom with four children.  She has two younger boys and two older girls from 1st to 7th grade.  Kim has a M.A. in Early Childhood Education and used to teach in a public school for 8 years.  She describes her teaching style at home as mostly eclectic, using what works for each of her children. She is courageously paving a better way for her children after experiencing many trials of her own including … Continue reading →

homeschooling work at home moms

Home School Mompreneur Spotlight featuring Karen B

I am a homeschooling mom with two children.  I have always homeschooled both daughters.  It is hard to say exactly how many years I have been homeschooling since I really started teaching them when they were toddlers.  It has essentially been 13+ years now. By the time the oldest was kindergarten age, I had already spent countless hours of one-on-one teaching through fun activities and learning games at home with her.  This learning at home was just … Continue reading →

work at home homeschooling mom aimee c

Home School Mompreneur Spotlight featuring Aimee C

Aimee is a homeschooling mom with three children.  She has been homeschooling since her second child was ready for kindergarten.  That means she has been doing this for about 6 whole years now.  Her oldest child has an autism spectrum disorder.  He attends a private school part-time and homeschools part-time.  The other two children are at home full-time. Aimee is married, and her husband is a nurse.  He is going to school to finish his bachelor’s in nursing … Continue reading →