How I Became A Monthly Grocery Shopping Convert

How I Became a Monthly Grocery Shopping Convert

I recently became a monthly grocery shopping convert out of necessity. I refused for many years because it did not retrieve positive memories of my childhood living in the middle of nowhere! Monthly grocery shopping was a necessity growing up and I loved the variety I had when I moved to the city as an adult and was able to shop weekly and at a moments notice. How I Started I grew up in Big Bend National … Continue reading →

minimalist living tips

Minimalist Living Tips to Lower Your Stress

Recently I have been reading up on some minimalist living tips on some different blogs as well as books. I am really intrigued by the minimalist living approach. Especially at this time in my life when I have so many things going on and I feel like the clutter is getting out of hand once again. So today I’m going to talk to you about minimalism and what I’ve done, or what I’m going to do starting … Continue reading →

Free Homeschooling and Organizing Resources on Amazon This Week

I am always on the lookout for free reading and learning helps for my homeschool journey. I also am an avid reader of new ways to be more efficient with my time and money. Below are my finds for this week. I hope these resources bless you and your family. If you have any additional great finds to share, let me know in the comments below. This Kindle book is Free until June 5,2016. Lee Binz is … Continue reading →

3 Ways to Fit Self-Care packed schedule

3 Ways To Fit Self Care Into a Packed Schedule

If you have ever traveled with a family, you know what it is like to pack a suitcase. You might think you have everything you need and start to zip it up only to realize you are missing a few things. When you finally get everything in, you almost need to sit on it to get it zipped. Managing a household, parenting, working from home or homeschooling can each feel like packing a suitcase. When you put … Continue reading →