Sharing the Struggles and Joy


I have so much I want to share with you …

from my experience of homeschooling for over eight years

(including things that worked and things that didn’t!)


I’m very passionate about the businesses that we’re running and love to share with moms that you can have a career and homeschool too. You don’t have to pick one over the other.

I love to organize and with all of our moves, my house is a mess right now and I need to organize again.

I have so much to share on organizing your homeschool, your work, your business, your life in general, things that have helped me and the systems that I’ve put into place that have basically saved my sanity!


Welcome! I want to help you realize your dreams!



Create Your Ideal Afternoon Routine

I don't know about you, but I am always tired in the afternoon. I am ready for a little pick-me-up! My ideal afternoon routine consists of time alone (child free) to work on my business training and a big, tall Diet Dr. Pepper. I know, that isn't plan approved on the...

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4 Steps to Plan Your Ideal Homeschool Daily Schedule

It is time to create your Ideal Homeschool Daily Schedule. Ah, the many ways to schedule your homeschool day! The possibilities are endless!  Take time to consider your family, your time, and your chosen curriculum and then make a plan. It can be achieved!...

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Create Your Ideal Day Timeline

If you have followed my blog long you know I spend a lot of time on systems, systems, systems. You may get tired of me talking about SYSTEMS, but I don't care.  Do you know why? They make life a whole lot easier. You absolutely have to plan daily and weekly routines...

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16 Freezer Meals for a Month for less than $150

Do you want to stop worrying about what is for dinner? You can plan freezer meals for a month in less than 15 minutes with the Build a Menu plan I use. I can show you simple, make ahead freezer meals WITH a shopping list to take to the grocery store. I was so excited...

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7 Easy Homeschooling Room Ideas

Do you need some homeschooling room ideas to make your space more inviting? This past week, I actually got some time to work on our homeschool room. It has been a slow process, but it is finally coming together. I wanted to share with you the homeschool room ideas...

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Build a Menu Review – Budget Friendly Meal Planning

Do you struggle with finding healthy budget friendly meals to cook? Product: Build A Menu - Helping busy families save time & money with healthy budget friendly meals Who is product for: Busy families who need help planning meals and saving money on groceries Price:...

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Top Ideas for Organizing Childrens Books

Today, I tackled the task of organizing childrens books. I have 4 children, ages 13, 11, 3, and 3 months. I'm a homeschooler, so you know that I LOVE Books. We have so many books and they can get really out of hand and all over the house if we do not have a designated...

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