Sharing the Struggles and Joy


I have so much I want to share with you …

from my experience of homeschooling for over eight years

(including things that worked and things that didn’t!)


I’m very passionate about the businesses that we’re running and love to share with moms that you can have a career and homeschool too. You don’t have to pick one over the other.

I love to organize and with all of our moves, my house is a mess right now and I need to organize again.

I have so much to share on organizing your homeschool, your work, your business, your life in general, things that have helped me and the systems that I’ve put into place that have basically saved my sanity!


Welcome! I want to help you realize your dreams!



Not another Homeschool Mom Blog

I know what you are thinking...another homeschool mom blog? Seriously? If I subscribed to all of the best homeschool blogs available, I wouldn't have a spare minute to teach my kids. There are some awesome homeschool moms who create very interesting content each week....

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Top 3 reasons to implement a Homeschool Morning Routine

What do mornings look like in your home?  Are they peaceful or chaotic?  Implementing a morning routine is a great way to make your mornings more peaceful.  Beyond bringing peace to your mornings there are some other great reasons to start your morning with a...

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My Homeschool Routine

Homeschooling parents love to compare their homeschool routines to gather ideas and try them out in their own homes. My homeschool routine has changed from year to year depending on our family size and other events that are happening in our lives. Adding a new baby or...

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Tackling the homeschool table

Start with a Simple Task! Lets face it.  You don't like having to clear off the dining room table every night before you eat dinner. My kids deserve a quiet, peaceful workplace to organize their homeschool studies.  They deserve better than the dining room table...

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