11 Reasons You Must Use Baskets to Organize Your Homeschool

11 Reasons You Must Use Baskets to Organize Your Homeschool

Baskets are a great way to organize your home school supplies. They can be used in a multitude of ways. You have your pick of large and small and all shapes and sized. You can put them all around the house to organize supplies in different ways. 11 Ways To Use Baskets To Organize Your Home School   24qt 4 Pack Black, Blue, Red, & Green Milk Crates A child should have their own basket to house … Continue reading →

Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas

Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas

  Out of all the rooms in your house, which room do you spend the most time in? I bet you would say the KITCHEN! Keep reading for several kitchen organizer ideas you can use in your kitchen. We have to prepare 3 meals a day plus up to 2 snacks a day. Not to mention preparing a bottle for the baby, washing dishes, loading the dishwasher, and the many other tasks including homeschooling for some of … Continue reading →

5 Insanely Easy Steps to Create Your House Cleaning Chore List

5 Insanely Easy Steps to Create Your House Cleaning Chore List

When do we find the time to keep our homes clean and tidy when we are busy home schooling our children? Creating a house cleaning chore list is the answer! I have tried several methods over the years in trying to keep our home organized and clean. Some worked well and some didn’t. I have always tried to keep my children involved in the upkeep of our home and having a house cleaning chore list keeps us … Continue reading →


7 Easy Homeschooling Room Ideas

Do you need some homeschooling room ideas to make your space more inviting? This past week, I actually got some time to work on our homeschool room. It has been a slow process, but it is finally coming together. I wanted to share with you the homeschool room ideas that I came up with. Some of these ideas I found on Pinterest. I just tweaked them to what works for us in our homeschool space. I accomplished … Continue reading →

top ideas for organizing childrens books

Top Ideas for Organizing Childrens Books

Today, I tackled the task of organizing childrens books. I have 4 children, ages 13, 11, 3, and 3 months. I’m a homeschooler, so you know that I LOVE Books. We have so many books and they can get really out of hand and all over the house if we do not have a designated place to home the children’s books. This is what the book organization looked like after the move. These boxes represent only the … Continue reading →

Not Another Homeschool Mom Blog

Not another Homeschool Mom Blog

I know what you are thinking…another homeschool mom blog? Seriously? If I subscribed to all of the best homeschool blogs available, I wouldn’t have a spare minute to teach my kids. There are some awesome homeschool moms who create very interesting content each week. I read alot of them myself when I get a chance. It is fun reading about other homeschool families and how they operate and organize their homeschools. But….I have a homeschool mom confession … Continue reading →

homeschool table

Tackling the homeschool table

Start with a Simple Task! Lets face it.  You don’t like having to clear off the dining room table every night before you eat dinner. My kids deserve a quiet, peaceful workplace to organize their homeschool studies.  They deserve better than the dining room table listening to the preschooler and infant noise in the background.   My goal today is to move the table (like the one below) into the center of the room so that gives … Continue reading →