Back to School Organization Hacks – Calm the Chaos Before It Even Starts

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I stumbled upon Jordan Page's YouTube channel the other day and I absolutely loved her Back to School Organization Hacks she shared.

I wanted to share this with you all so that you can be as blessed as I was by her tips. I'm definitely going to be putting some of these into practice this school year!

Jordan has had 6 kids in only 8 years! Bless her heart! I thought 4 was a lot!

You Have Got to Watch This Video

This woman is absolutely amazing! She has a system and routine for everything! She has some awesome Back to School Organization Hacks we can all use! Click below to watch!

A System for Everything

Jordan has developed a system for all kinds of things that wear us out as moms.

Some of the systems she goes through in this video include:

  • a Block System (not toy blocks)
  • Snack and Lunch System (no more kids bugging you for snacks all day)
  • Clipboard System (to organize school papers)
  • Laundry System (for large and small families)

What systems do you use in your home to calm the chaos?

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