What is the Point of Organizing?

what is the point of organizing

As moms, homeschoolers, and entrepreneurs we are constantly organizing things. ?We seek to keep our homes clean and our families fed; we choose the best school environment or curriculum for our kids and then implement a plan to get it all done, and we organize our thoughts and make sure we have enough time set …

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The Disciplined Pursuit of Less


In our daily lives, time management is very important. It can help us prioritize, arrange, and perform tasks effectively. Imagine doing something without a plan. Definitely, you will never know where and how to start. You have to understand that time management skills are not skills you can acquire from school. It is best acquired …

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Confessions of a Cluttered Crafter

confessions of a cluttered crafter

Do you have an area of your home that seems to attract clutter? I’ve been working on taming the clutter monster in my own home. So, whether it is your school room or your whole house?these tips from guest poster Jeriann Watkins about decluttering her craft room?can be put into practice in your space. Since …

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