The Easiest Way to Organize Closets and Dresser Drawers

Closets and dresser drawers that have been ignored for long can be an absolute nightmare. You end up rifling through everything, pulling things out, and making even more of a mess than you started with. If this is your situation, read on to discover the easiest way to organize closets and dresser drawers.

Tackling Your Closet

The best way to start off on the right foot is by removing everything from your closet. Clothing, shoes, whatever you have stored in there, drag all of it out.

If you don’t have any closet organizers, such as a couple of cubbies or drawers, consider getting some before you start. These are perfect for shoes and the smaller items you may have in your closet. They’re especially good for your scarves and winter headbands!

Sort all of your clothing and items and put them in groups. For example, shirts in one pile and kimonos in another.

This is when you’ll also want to go through all of your clothing and items to figure out which ones you’re going to keep. Even if you’re hesitant on removing clothing you used to wear frequently, but no longer do, it’s important you do so for the sake of saving space. This is especially important if space is pretty scarce.

Once that’s done, clean off any dust or debris you see in the closet, on any of your hangers, your shoes, etc. It’s best to do this part now while your closet is empty and everything is in front of you.

If your closet has a top shelf above the hangers make sure you use this space as much as you can. This is the perfect spot for linens, handbags, belts and more.

Finish up by hanging up the clothes you’re keeping, putting items away, and folding your pants in an organizer by placing them standing up and in a line, side by side.

Folding them this way is great for being able to see every pair. You won’t have to dig, rifle and remove anything to get the pair of pants you want! This also saves a lot of space for more pairs of pants, too.

Tidying the Dresser Drawers

Just like you did with your closet, start the process of tidying your dresser drawers by removing all of your clothing and whatever else you have stored in them.

Sort all of the clothing and other items into piles by category. Legwarmers in one pile, your socks in another.

Next, assign certain drawers for certain pieces of clothing. You could put your underwear in one drawer while putting your boot socks in a different drawer.

If you have pants and shirts in some of your drawers, fold them in the standing position. Have them folded, standing up, in a line side by side. Like with your closet organizer, this makes it easier to find what you’re looking for without having to pull everything out and make a mess in the future.

Don’t use your drawers for bulkier items if you want to save as much space as possible and keep everything as organized as you can at all times. Instead, put your sweaters and other bulkier items in the closet.

You should also consider using an organizer for your drawers, as well. There are split space organizers that keep two sets of small items separate in your drawers. These types of organizers are perfect for your short boot socks and lace extenders!

Now that you know how easy it is to organize your closets and dresser drawers you can get it done in a single afternoon.

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