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I am always on the lookout for free reading and learning helps for my homeschool journey.

I also am an avid reader of new ways to be more efficient with my time and money.

Below are my finds for this week. I hope these resources bless you and your family.

If you have any additional great finds to share, let me know in the comments below.

Note: These are time sensitive but still check them out as some items are free all the time.

This Kindle book is Free until June 5,2016. Lee Binz is a great help when it comes to homeschooling high school.

Getting the BIG Scholarships: Learn Expert Secrets for Winning College Cash! (The HomeScholar’s Coffee Break Book series 19) Kindle Edition

11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your Room Kindle Edition

Declutter: How to Organize your Life, Maximize your Productivity, and Enjoy a Clutter-Free Life (Life Simplified)

Don’t Forget To Review Your Routines From Time to Time

Creating routines and habits for your mornings are a great thing. They allow you to do what you need to do to move ahead without having to spend a lot of energy and time thinking about it. That’s a good thing. It can also be a dangerous thing when you’ve...

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A Productive Morning Includes Habits And Routines

With your new morning game plan figured out, it’s time to not only put it into action, but make it your new morning routine. Why is this important? Because you want to make sure your new plan happens every morning without fail and turning it into a routine...

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Ready For A New Morning Game Plan?

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do in the morning, what you don’t want to or need to do, and where to find the extra time needed, it’s time to put it all together in a new morning game plan. What Is Most Important To You? The best...

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Determining What You Should Be Doing Is Crucial

How in the world are we supposed to juggle all our responsibilities and stay sane? How do we know what we should be doing at any given moment? Especially when we have so many people and activities vying for our precious time. We only have so many hours in...

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How To Find More Time In Your Busy Morning

How chaotic are your mornings? Mornings are busy! If you have a young family and plenty of people to get ready and out the door or seated and ready for schooling to begin, you know this first hand. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way, no...

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Define Your Perfect Morning

Here is my question for you this morning. What’s most important to you? What is the one thing you really want to do on a daily basis that would make a big difference, but you just can’t seem to find the time for? What Habit Would Make a Real Impact On Your...

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5 Secrets To Homeschooling and Having a Career Too

This past summer (and year for that matter) has been full of changes for our family. We have had to make some very hard and unexpected decisions about how our family will operate in the upcoming school year. It has really made my husband and I sit down and really look...

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Simplify Your Life Today

I have been steadily working my way through the Make Over Your Mornings course by Crystal Paine. I have changed so much in the way I view things and people around me as well as my physical daily routines that have just simply made life so much easier. I finished the...

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