From Homeschooling to College: Will Your Teen Be Prepared?


Graduating from high school is an exciting time in your homeschooler’s life. They are finally done learning at home and possibly moving on to college. If your child has never been to a traditional school, they may be a little nervous and unprepared for the college world. But, that’s where you come in (because advising our kids never ends, right??). Steal a few minutes with your college-bound homeschooler’s attention to sit down and share these tips for transitioning from homeschooling to college. college success.

Talking Points About Transitioning from Homeschooling to College

  • Age doesn’t matter in college

Homeschoolers may have finished school early or even taken a ton of college courses before heading to college. In college, age is merely a number. There will be students earning college credit while still in high school, adults going back to college, and everything in between. Your child can be confident that they’ll fit in regardless of their age.

  • Think ahead about your choice of major

A lot of degrees will require prerequisites and even additional courses in order for you to get the degree. Many colleges have intensive programs that require internships or other programs. Make sure your child considers these when thinking about what to major in so he doesn’t fall behind or waste time (and money). 

  • College course work is not like high school

In high school, your highly socialized teen may have been able to balance five different homeschool co-op classes and maintain a social life and sports career. In college, the classes will take a lot more work and study time. College is a much heavier workload than high school, so prepare your child for that.

There's no denying that college life is way different than homeschool life. Check out these practical tips that will help your high school graduate transition from homeschooling to college.
  • College requires digital skills

Adapting to the college way will rely heavily on digital skills. Your child may need to take some online classes or use online programs to complete assignments, collaborate with classmates over email, or upload documents to a website. If you’ve been taking online homeschool classes, your new college student will adapt well to this. But, if you’ve been relying on book and paper learning, they will be unprepared.

  • Get used to public transportation

If you don’t live in a big city, then your child probably has never had to ride much public transportation. In college, they may have to carpool or use a bus system to get around campus. When you visit colleges, practice using public transportation.

  • Start networking with other students

Many homeschoolers aren’t used to sharing a classroom with hundreds of other students. Start networking with other students who will be attending the college they want to go to, and prepare them for college life by exposing them to a university setting.

  • Spend time on the college campus

The only way you can really get a feel for college life is to spend time on the campus. If you want your child to be able to prepare for college, allow them to go for orientation or other on-campus activities ahead of time.

  • Good time and money management skills are necessary

For some, college is the first time they really get the chance to be out on their own. Teach your kids about the importance of time and money management while they are at home so they can be better prepared when they get to college.

Proactive preparation will make the transition from homeschooling to college a lot easier for your teen. Follow these tips and they’ll be on their way to a successful few years at college.


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