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These guidelines are intended to streamline the guest posting process. We may also add relevant images and graphics to enhance the content.

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5 Ways Homeschooling Helps Bullied Children

Parents of bullied children often find themselves without options. It’s hard to send your child to school knowing that the environment is taking a negative toll. We all want the best for our children, and sometimes the best doesn’t involve school. Homeschooling is a...

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How To Teach Interpersonal Skills to Your Homeschooler

It’s really important that before reaching independence, young men and women are used to doing the everyday things they need to in order to take care of themselves. These include the housekeeping or financial skills a teen should learn before they enter college or...

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10 Insanely Easy Ways To Get Kids To Clean

Sometimes it seems like the word “mess” is synonymous with “kids”. If you’ve ever found a mystery stain on your couch or stepped on a LEGO block while barefoot, you know exactly what I’m talking about. They just love making messes! I get it. Being a mom is tough work,...

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5 Ways to Make Learning Fun for Preschoolers

Most young kids get excited when you talk about enrolling them in a preschool or homeschooling them. Since this will be a new experience for them, they will be eager to learn new things and take on more challenges. But even if it seems there is no end to their...

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Tackling the Homeschool Table

Where does your family land while homeschooling?  Are you one of the lucky few homeschoolers that have a dedicated homeschool room? I used to have one, but in our current home, we don't. PIN FOR LATER! So our homeschool room is the kitchen. The majority of our...

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