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Wondering which “how-to” homeschool books are worth reading? Don't know where to start?

For many people, homeschooling is a desirable alternative to the education offered by the public and private school systems.

When you homeschool your children you have the flexibility to create an educational curriculum more suited to their needs.

You also get to go on vacation to theme parks and take advantage of NO LINES in the off season! That's my favorite perk!

11 How To Homeschool Books Ready to start homeschooling

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Not to mention homeschooling also makes economic sense, especially when you consider the costs involved with sending multiple children to a private school.

If you've made the decision to homeschool your children, or wondering which how-to homeschool books to buy, the first step is to do some research.

Luckily, we have picked 11 how-to homeschool books that we feel are worth your time and money.

What To Look For in How To Homeschool Books

To begin with, you have to ensure that you educate yourself on the different ways you can homeschool.

You will likely read about different methods such as the Charlotte Mason Method, Montessori Method, Eclectic Homeschooling, Traditional Homeschooling, or Unschooling. This list goes on! Don't worry. It will become very easy to determine which method you prefer based on your personality and style as well as your child's personality.

At first, the reading required in order to learn how to homeschool your children may seem daunting – after all, a public school teacher is only required to be knowledgeable on the subjects they teach, but you're going to be teaching all of the subjects. Keep in mind, however, that you needn't be an expert in every subject – one of the great things about homeschooling is that you can learn together with your child. Nothing like learning fractions and algebra equations all over again!

Instead, it's more important that you have a good general knowledge of the subjects being taught.

In other words, you're not going to be an expert, but you're going to know the general concepts and be able to answer basic questions. Most importantly, you'll know what to explore further if you and your child's interest takes you in that direction.

The amount that you have to read will depend of course on your child's age and the level and depth of the subjects you'll be teaching. Remember that specific areas of a subject can be explored as you go, so you needn't be able to answer every question your child might have in depth before you start.

In learning how to homeschool, you want to know the “building blocks” – what concepts to teach first, and how to build on those first concepts.

By reading a variety of how to homeschool books, you'll arm yourself with the necessary tools for homeschooling your child effectively, and provide yourself with the basic knowledge from which you and your child can explore particular areas of subjects further.

The following books will get you started on how to homeschool and what to teach each year. Don't get overwhelmed and read them all!

Pick one or two and go from there.

11 How To Homeschool Books


how to homeschool books home learning year by year how to design a homeschool curriculum

Home Learning Year by Year

Rebecca Rupp’s “Home Learning Year by Year” teaches you how to create your own homeschooling curriculum.  The book contains a thorough plan to make sure that you’re children will learn what they need to learn from preschool to high school.  The book includes topics such as which subjects need to be covered in each grade, standards of knowledge for your child at each level and suggestions on how to approach less academic subjects.

how to homeschool books homeschooling 101 a guide to getting started

Homeschooling 101: A Guide to Getting Started

If you’ve decided to home school but don’t know where to start, Erica Arndt’s book “Homeschooling 101: A Guide to Getting Started” is the right book for you.  The book offers you a practical step-by-step guide to help give your homeschooling journey the right start.  Learn how to gather the right curriculums, create good lesson plans, organize the home and more.  Plus, the book also includes helpful homeschool forms and tells you how you’re able to download a planner for FREE.