How to Organize a Room with Too Much Stuff

Organizing your room when you have too much stuff is a pain!

We’ve all been there.

The frustration, the struggle, and the challenge are always present when you have too much stuff in your room. If you’re an organized person who doesn’t like to see random stuff lying around, this can be especially problematic.

But luckily, keeping your house organized?even rooms with too much stuff?doesn’t have to take a twelve-hour long declutter.

If you’re wondering how to organize a room with too much stuff, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the many ways to solve the problem of clutter chaos. Plus, give away the steps you need to follow to take your room from “too much stuff” to “so much space!”

And no, one of the steps isn’t “pack up some bags and donate them!”

how to organize a room with too much stuff

How Much Is Too Much Stuff?

There’s a certain moment we’ve likely all experienced at some point in our lives.

It’s the moment when you suddenly feel that there’s too much in your house, and you’re suffocating.

But how did your house seemingly go from “just enough” to “too much” without you noticing until now?

Odds are, the reason you feel like there’s too much stuff in your house isn’t because you’ve bought new items. Instead, it’s likely because the stuff you already have hasn’t been put in its proper place.

Nevertheless, it would still be a whole lot easier to organize and keep your home clean if you owned fewer things. A few items you own means only a few items you have to store.

Think back to a time where you had fewer items inside your home, such as when you first got married or rented your first apartment. How many times did you have to clean or declutter? Most likely, it wasn’t near as much as you do now.

The good news is, if caught in the early stages, you can still be the organized person you were before with some ease.

I’ve Never Been Able to Clean My House…Am I a Hopeless Case?

I know what you’re thinking.

“I have so much stuff, where do I even start?”

Maybe this is the first time you’ve ever experienced this suffocating feeling of having too much or a desperate need for better organization. It seems like a daunting task at first, one that could take days. With all your other responsibilities, is it even doable?

I’m here to tell you that you’re not a hopeless case?no one is.

Being organized is a learnable skill, and the more you do it, the better you get. Plus, it’s relatively easy to maintain the cleanliness once you’re finished. Simply do a run-through of the house at the end of each day and return misplaced items to their proper areas.

organize a room with too much stuff

How to Organize a Room with Too Much Stuff

Clean Often

Always take the time to clean your home. You don?t have to do it every hour, but once or twice a day is a way to keep your house organized. Even if you have a lot of things, your home will feel better if you take time to clean.

Regularly dusting or vacuuming your collection and storage areas is a great start!

Give Items and Tools Specific Names

In other words, categorize everything.

If you have too many items in your home, giving each one a specific name or category makes it easier to keep track of them.

This way, you?ll be able to easily place items in their proper places throughout the day.

For example, you?ll be able to organize your tools accurately because you immediately recognize what type of category a specific tool belongs to. The same goes for your kitchen utensils, handyman tools, and all the things that you continuously use inside your home.

Get Creative and Think About Ways to Safely Store the Extra Items in Your House

Let?s say that you have items in your house that are causing the massive clutter in most of your rooms, but you can?t just let them go.

Instead of throwing them away, you can simply store them somewhere else.

But how? It?s simple, be creative! Look for ideas online and ask your friends for recommendations.

Or, you can watch this video to get some ideas.

Best Places to Store Extra Stuff

If you want to put a lot of things in your home, look at the places where you’ve never put a collection. Think outside the box on where you can store or decorate with your new items. For example, shelves, hooks, walls, tables and even the ceiling are great places to hang items and decoratives.

Look up some collection tips and learn how to group by common design elements. Practicing design principles like balancing helps make your collection be easy on the eye while making sense visually, even if they’re full of detail. Making your items aesthetically pleasing makes them look less like clutter.

Of course, you can also invest in a few more storage materials!

It?s Time for You to Declutter!

One of the best moves to do if you really can?t handle too much stuff in your house is to declutter! There?s no other way! This is imperative, especially if you want to redesign or renovate your home. It?s always essential to declutter because cleaning wouldn?t be possible if your place is still untidy.

It?s always a good thing to clean your house by unloading a lot of stuff in your home, like broken furniture, old figurines, and all the unnecessary stuff that you?ve kept inside your house for years. The purpose of decluttering is to make space. If you could still remember how empty your home or apartment looked like the first time you moved in, then you?d have that nostalgic feeling of how spacious it was.

Always make sure to picture out the area inside your house that you want to declutter. If the task is too heavy, you can always ask for professional help. But if the job is doable on your own, I suggest that you do it yourself. Not only will you know exactly where everything is, but it’s also great exercise!

Follow These Steps When Decluttering

For a bit of decluttering guidance, follow these simple steps.

  • Throw out the trash. It?s necessary to throw out your house trash every day. Not only does it keep your house clean, but it also gives you a fresh airflow inside your home. If you have more biodegradable waste inside your home, don?t wait for it to rot, for it increases the growth of bacteria in your home.
  • Clean your kitchen. Start by washing the dishes and organizing all the utensils and tools in the kitchen. Next is to create a pile of unnecessary stuff in your kitchen that belongs to the other room, then subdivide the collection by office or house-area so you can quickly return each thing to their designated place.
  • Organize all your reading materials, like magazines, comics, newspapers, dictionaries, and more. Since we also use a lot of gadgets in our living rooms, it?s best to also organize them well after using them, by making sure that they’re correctly kept.
  • Clean your bathroom by throwing away used materials. It?s time to throw away used items in your bathroom, like old toothbrushes and toothpaste containers, used razor blades, empty shampoo bottles, etc. Go ahead and throw out all those expired medications, too!
  • Keep your office clean by throwing away stuff you don?t use. It?s also time to let go of things inside your home office that can?t be used anymore for work. Like broken staplers, paper clutters, broken pencils and pens, and other unusable office materials. It?s essential to do this so you?ll have a pleasant atmosphere inside your home office, without any clutter around to distract you.

how to organize a room with too much stuff

Frequently Asked Questions About Decluttering Your Home

What if other people in my household (family members, friends, etc.) are responsible for the clutter?

If this is the case, make sure to negotiate with them about the problem and come up with an agreement on how to clean the clutter. It?s imperative that you set house rules in your home, especially when it comes to keeping it clean.

Is asking for professional help when it comes to decluttering the right choice?

Yes, there?s nothing wrong in seeking professional help if you can?t make time to declutter yourself. We’re all busy, and it?s definitely okay to call for help whenever it is needed.

If you want to maintain the organization of your home, you have to think deeply if you either want to get rid of the stuff that you’ve collected for the past couple of years or throw them away. Because either way, you can still come up with a solution to the problem. In the end, it always depends on your decision.

If you want to keep your extra stuff instead of throwing them, you can create D.I.Y. storages or use products like a transparent storage box. With this, you can either store them or put them on display. You can also ask for professional help when you’re having second thoughts about the ideas that you have in mind.

If you want to get rid of them, you can do a decluttering session every once and a while. During the process, if you feel like it?s a tough thing to do by yourself, you can always ask a friend or professional help.

The truth is, a clean home means that everything is organized, unnecessary clutter is disposed of or stored correctly, and every part of the house is cleaned and monitored. If you have family members living with you inside your home, then you can ask them for some assistance with the cleaning procedure. After all, a home involves everyone living in it!

Don?t wait for the next season to clean your house, because this will only bring up more clutter to clean and to segregate, which involves more work and effort.

By simply following all the steps above and by doing it from time to time, there?s no doubt that your house will always be clean and picture-perfect!


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