A Simple Morning Routine – Make Over Your Mornings Challenge

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I just started the Make Over Your Mornings 14 Day Course by Crystal Paine yesterday and wanted to share with you what I am learning and implementing each day of the course.

Are you tired of feeling worn down and wore out each day? A simple morning routine to help you practice self care and be more productive might just be the perfect answer for you. #moms #dailyroutines #morningroutines #momlife

The course contains a workbook to follow along with the short videos each day.

What I absolutely love about it, is she promised it will only take 15 minutes a day to follow the course. That's what made me go ahead an purchase it.

I knew I didn't have time to add another course to my To-Do list, but I desperately want to get our mornings back on track.

I am all about routines and have had some great Ideal Morning Routines in the past. I know how important it is in order for my day to not feel like a chaotic mad dash to the finish line to bedtime.

Since my husband was laid off last year, he is now working at home full-time in our businesses. That is awesome, but at the same time, it has royally screwed up our routines! Bless his heart, he has his own way of doing things and doesn't conform well with our daily flow around here.

Alas, I am now searching for a routine that all of us can peacefully live with.

It's Not About Waking Early – Can I Get an Amen!

I am not a morning person no matter how hard I try. So when Crystal said this course was not about waking up early, I was ALL IN!

Day 1 of the challenge was more of an introduction, but she explained that you didn't have to wake up early in order to have a peaceful, relaxing morning. You just need a plan.

I'm all about planning, so I absolutely loved that part.

She also stressed that there is no PERFECT MORNING ROUTINE! It changes as the seasons of our lives change.

We just need to be flexible and adapt.

She ends Day 1 with a bit of quick thinking and homework to do in the workbook. It did only take 15 minutes to go through Day 1. Yippee!

Day 2 – Make Over Your Mornings Challenge

I gleaned from Day 2 that a successful morning starts the night before.

How true is that?

If we take 30 minutes the night before to write a to-do list for the next day or get backpacks and lunches ready for school the next day, it takes away so much stress in the morning.

What causes you stress in the morning?

My main stressors are:

If I can get those 2 things squared away before my head hits the pillow, that would alleviate a lot of morning stress for me personally.

I am also going to try and move bedtimes for ALL children up to 8 pm. Right now the baby goes to bed at 8, but my 4, 12, and 14 year olds go to bed at 9 pm. (most of the time it is 9:30 after all the last drinks of water, etc.) I plan on allowing my 2 oldest daughters the option of reading until 9 pm (in their rooms).

This should give me at least another hour of peace and quiet to gather my thoughts, wind down, and plan for the next day.

I will keep you updated on how this goes. (I'm kind of nervous about announcing it to the older ones!)

Click here to read what I learned on Day 3 of the Make Over Your Mornings course!

What time do your children go to bed at night? Do you think 8 pm is too early for teens? Leave a comment below.

Download Day 1 of Make Over Your Mornings here (It's FREE)

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5 thoughts on “A Simple Morning Routine – Make Over Your Mornings Challenge”

  1. I love your article! I have two kids & know about the morning challenges. It is true it is not about getting up early. I am an early riser, but I have always been stressed out in the morning. I have done some planning at night a few times, and it helps a lot. Although my kids are only 6 & 3, I think 8 pm would be a perfect time to go to bed even for teens if they could do it. Good luck and thanks for the great info.

  2. Interesting idea. I never have enough time in the morning, and am definitely not a morning person myself! Know I spend most of the morning stumbling around wondering how I can get another quick 5 minutes! ;).

    Defiantly bookmarked and looking forward to reading more from you!

    Only have toddlers myself so don’t know about the bedtimes for teenagers things but remember when I was that age always struggled to get to sleep that early. As long as they are sent to bed but not expected to go straight to sleep shouldn’t see that as much of a problem though.

    • Having a morning schedule has truly helped me gain a few extra hours in my day. I don’t even have to wake up earlier, I just need a plan and work the schedule. My teenagers actually have really liked having the quiet time to themselves right before bed so it is so peaceful! I definitely recommend the Make Over Your Mornings course for anyone wanting to be more efficient with their time and for less stressful mornings.

  3. I totally agree that getting a few things done the night before can make your mornings so much smoother. I am a mother of 4 children (the oldest being 6yr) and i know exactly what a hectic morning is. Getting their lunches and bags ready the night before is a huge help. sometimes i even get their clothes ready and the mornings are so easy then.

    • You are a busy lady! Thanks for sharing your tips on how you utilize your evenings to make the morning routine run smoother. Having four children under the age of 6 years old is truly a handful. I would love to hear any more tips you have on staying organized with little ones around.


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