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Not Another Homeschool Mom Blog

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I know what you are thinking…another homeschool mom blog? Seriously?

If I subscribed to all of the best homeschool blogs available, I wouldn't have a spare minute to teach my kids.

There are some awesome homeschool moms who create very interesting content each week. I read a lot of them myself when I get a chance. It is fun reading about other homeschool families and how they operate and organize their homeschools.

But…I have a homeschool mom confession to make…I can easily get discouraged reading all of these homeschool blogs. In fact, it can downright ruin my otherwise good day. We can be rocking along with our homeschool routine and out of the blue I will remember a post I read on a homeschooler's blog about how she reads to her children every day snuggled up on the couch. My shoulders begin to slump in desperation realizing I haven't read a book to my children in several months!

homeschool mom reading on couch

I want to let you know that this blog was created out of my need to put my jumbled up thoughts into some kind of order.

You see, I am by nature a very organized person. ?I've been known to rearrange my kitchen cupboards often to make sure everything is stored in the perfect place for the utmost efficiency. I LOVE going to Office Depot and Ikea to see all of the organizational knick knacks and furniture.

I don't like clutter. I like clean spaces. Neat and tidy spaces. Everything has a home and needs to be in it's proper place. Enter four children, and that gets blown out of the water. I love my children dearly, but I do not like their messes. So I have had to learn how to relax in the last decade. Let's just say, I'm still working on it.

You see…last year, my world was turned UPSIDE DOWN.
In January I had a biopsy and cancer scare (praise the Lord it was benign). In February, we were matched with a 6-year-old precious boy through our adoption agency. In March, we found out we were pregnant with baby #4. Meanwhile, we had already started building the house in February so we couldn't change our minds about that. In August, we moved into an apartment after our prior house sold and the new house was not finished. In October, we found out the guardians changed their minds about the adoption so the adoption was not going to happen (after months of legal paperwork). Baby #4 arrived in November. And two days before Christmas, we moved into our new home. What an eventful year!

So with a newborn and a new house and coming off of a grand emotional roller coaster of a year, I sit here two months later amongst dusty boxes that have yet to be touched. The clutter is driving me crazy. I feel overwhelmed with all of the great ideas I have of organizing it all, but don't have the energy or the time (with baby) to do it.

I hope this website will encourage homeschool moms. Not discourage.

I want you to laugh with me, cry with me, and learn with me as I put my life back in order.

So here is my TO DO LIST:

To Do List

Well, I think that is enough to keep me busy for a while.

I'm sorry this post doesn't help you solve any organizational problems you might have, but STAY TUNED. I will be adding links in the To-Do List above that will take you to my solutions for these items.

I might be overwhelmed right now, but I am excited about this journey towards getting my life put back together.

UNTIL THEN….enjoy these websites that have tons of homeschool forms and schedules that I use periodically. I'm sure you will find something in these sites that can help you organize your homeschool.





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6 thoughts on “Not another Homeschool Mom Blog”

  1. Hello Kimberly

    This was a very captivating post for me. Even though I’ve known a few Home Schooling Parents I never knew just how their days went. I believe you have brought to light for home schooling moms everywhere that there can be a sense of order amongst chaos.
    I would venture to say that most home schoolers don’t get to snuggle up on the couch and read to the children. Not that this can’t be achieved.
    One would think in todays,day and age (high tech and all) that home schooling would be a breeze but as you point out reality can be so harsh.
    I took 3 really good points from your blog, for any home schooling mom.

    1. Plan 2. To Do List (that can be revised daily) 3. Routine

    Will this allow you to read on the couch to the children, well maybe 🙂
    What it will do is show the children how to be responsible by watching you and sticking to a routine.

    You have very good info here for all that are home schooling or want to be. Very glad I got the chance to see how it is. Keep up the good work of teaching our children the right way, I know your reward is great on the other side.
    Does your husband help in home schooling?


    • Thanks Markus! I’m glad you were able to see what I was trying to convey in this post. Routine and a schedule are very important, or the days tend to slip away. As for my husband helping with homeschooling, he loves history. He usually has a biography or history novel that he is reading to the kids in the evenings. Other than that, I just bounce ideas off of him from time to time. Thanks again for your comments.

  2. My siblings and I were homeschooled. We basically taught ourselves. Got through it with flying colors. Your kids are fortunate to have you there to actually teach you. It’s not that my parents didn’t care, but both of them worked full-time jobs. They helped us when they could. Fortunately for us, we were the kind of kids that could grasp things fairly quickly. It worked out all right in the end.

    It’s nice that you’ve relaxed. Kids come with messes. I’m 30 and I’m still messy. My dad is like you – total organization freak. He keeps his shoes in his original boxes lol. But he’s learned to relax too. Kids will do that to you.

    • Thanks for commenting Kinya. I love hearing stories of successful homeschooled children. I would love to know which curriculum you and your siblings learned from. It sounds like you completed it all independently. Would you mind sharing that?

  3. You really captured the look and feel of a ‘home school’ environment here! Don’t think I didn’t notice that the background color is really ‘chalkboard’ like. Very informative stuff!


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