Plan Your Life in 90 Days

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A 90 Day All in One Life Planner

If you?re searching for a goal planner that has everything you could possibly need to set and achieve your goals, this 90-day all-in-one life planner is exactly what you need.

The Smartlife Push Journal is sold in a pack of three, each featuring a bright, attractive color scheme. It?s designed to be used for every aspect of your life and even comes complete with a bookmark to easily get back to where you left off.

Here, you?ll discover what makes the Smartlife Push Journal one of the best you can purchase.

Plan Your Life in 90 Days


A no distraction, action-based layout

There?s a lot of things to love about this planner and its no-distraction, action-based layout is just one of them.

You?ll typically find a lot of goal planners out there offer more of a scrapbook feel. This can become a little overwhelming when you?re faced with a lot of blank space.

So, the fact this planner is neatly organized makes it much easier to use.

Life balance assessment included

Another unique feature of the Smartlife Push Journal is that it comes with a life balance assessment.

In fact, you actually start by assessing how satisfied you are with specific areas of your life.

The answers you choose for this assessment, ultimately help you to set your main priority goal.

This is what you?ll largely work towards in order to boost your happiness.

Follow the PUSH formula to achieve goals in 90 days

The planner allows you to follow the PUSH formula in order to achieve your goals in 90 days.

There are a lot of 90-day planners out there, but with most you do need to buy additional planners once the 90 days are up.

So, the fact that this one aims to help you achieve your goals in 90 days is unique and it makes the planner more affordable than some of its competitors.

Who wouldn?t want to achieve their 1-year goals in just 90 days?

A planner you?ll enjoy using

Due to how organized this planner is, you?ll find it really enjoyable to use.

It features everything you could possibly need including a to-do list, health tracker and daily scheduler.

The fact you can track your diet, workouts, sleep and water intake as well as your goals, all in one place, is what really sets this planner apart.

It?s literally the only planner you?ll ever need to become healthier, happier and more productive.

So, if you?re looking for a goal planner that?s well-organized, easy to use, and which will improve every aspect of your life, the Smartlife Push Journal is just what you need.

Buy it now and find out why so many people are choosing this unique planner above all the rest.

90 day smartlife push journal review



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