Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas

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Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas

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Out of all the rooms in your house, which room do you spend the most time in?

I bet you would say the KITCHEN! Keep reading for several kitchen organizer ideas you can use in your kitchen.

We have to prepare 3 meals a day plus up to 2 snacks a day. Not to mention preparing a bottle for the baby, washing dishes, loading the dishwasher, and the many other tasks including homeschooling for some of us.

We especially need the kitchen to be organized and free of clutter so that we can find what we need quickly and efficiently. I have moved many times over the last 20 years (14 times at last count). I have learned some ways to organize my kitchen in each home that makes life a little easier each time we move. I try and improve upon the location of items for maximum efficiency. I have been on the ultimate search before each move for kitchen organizer ideas.

No-Brainer Placement of Kitchen Items

I want to start with the placement of your utensils and dishware. Here is the placement checklist I use when determining where things should go:

Kitchen Organizer Ideas by the Stove
By the Stove:
  • Pots and pans
  • Cooking utensils such as tongs, spatulas, ladles, etc

Kitchen Organizer Ideas Near the Oven

By the Oven:
  • Hot pads and mittens
  • Bakeware such as casserole dishes, cookie sheets, pizza pans, muffin tins, and cake pans

Kitchen Organization Near the Sink

By the Dishwasher or Sink:
  • Cups
  • Silverware
  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Dish Towels

Of course, you also want to place the rarely used items such as serving platters and crystal in the upper cabinets since you do not use these on an every-day basis.

I also try and put the children's plates and cups that are not breakable in a lower cabinet where they can reach and help themselves.

Kitchen Drawer Organization

Here are some other kitchen organizer ideas:

  • Keep snacks for the children in a special drawer in the refrigerator or a low shelf in the pantry
  • Keep all recipe boxes or cookbooks in one location
  • Put a dry erase whiteboard on the refrigerator or hung inside the pantry to write down things that you run out of or are low on. I have trained my children to do this so when it is time to go to the store, I write these items down on my list.
  • Also put a dry erase board on your freezer with a list of the freezer meals inside. When you pull one out, mark it off the list.
  • Store glassware upside down to prevent dust from accumulating in them
  • Store pot-lids in a drawer of their own, or if low on space, put them upside down on top of the pot it goes on
  • Installing vertical dividers in a lower cabinet is great for sliding in cookie sheets and pizza pans
  • Hang a shoe organizer over the pantry door for foil, storage bags, or cleaning supplies

Shoe Organizer

  • Store canned goods with labels facing forward and like items together (for example, all tomato products together, spices together, baking ingredients near each other)
  • Use multi-level spice racks in the pantry or cabinets to store spices so you can see them better
  • Attach small racks on the inside of cabinet doors to help envelope mixes
  • Screw hooks into ceiling of cabinets to hang coffee mugs by the handles
  • Store new canned goods and food behind older ones so you are rotating your food by oldest to newest
  • Don't keep all the plastic bags from the grocery store. Use an old tissue box and store as many as you can push down into it. Recycle the rest.
  • Use a small dish drainer inside of a cabinet to store plastic lids.Kitchen Cabinet Organization
  • Use inside of cabinet or pantry doors to postmaster grocery lists, favorite recipes, or a list of items that you can put in the compost bin
  • Use a mop holder on the inside of the pantry or cabinet doors to store spices
  • Pencil Drawer organizers installed on an inside wall of your pantry for more space to organize is a great idea

There are many more ways to organize your kitchen. I can't possibly list them all here, but I hope these kitchen organizer ideas gave you a head start or inspired you to get your kitchen in tip-top condition. That will make momma very happy indeed!

I would love to hear your tips on ways you have organized your kitchen. Please leave a comment below.


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9 thoughts on “Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas”

  1. You have some great time saving ideas here. I particularly like the over the door shoe organiser used as a place for cleaning bottles and other kitchen essentials. I will certainly be giving that one a go!
    Thank you for kick starting my kitchen organisation, its long overdue but more manageable now I have some ideas on how to do it.

  2. Thanks for the excellent ideas. I will buy a shoe organiser to store my growing collection of plastic bags! Too bad I’m not allowed to drill any holes into the cabinets as I am currently renting my place. I put small stackable trays inside my cabinets to separate different types of plates and bowls so it’s easy access them.

  3. I had never thought of a stock list for my freezer meals and am definitely going to get a dish drainer for the stray lids in my cupboard. I really appreciated your bullet point lists and by half way down the page I was in my kitchen checking that everything was in the optimium place and listing stuff I’m sure needed to get? Thanks for such good ideas!

  4. Thanks for the great ideas! My kitchen is pretty small, so the organization tricks will really help me out. I also love your idea about having the kids plates and snack on a lower level. That makes complete sense, but I had never thought to do it myself! That alone will make life a lot easier for busy moms!

    • Organizing the kids dishes where they can reach was a win in our household. They can help themselves to water when needed and mom can stay with whatever task I am working on at the moment. The less interruptions the better, right?

  5. What great ideas! We are currently having a new extension and kitchen installed and I will definitely be bringing in some of these ideas. I love the shoe organiser on the back of the door for cleaning supplies, fantastic.

    I’ve already been planning where to store all of our food, crockery and pans in our new kitchen and also like to follow this kind of logical fashion. I usually place cups and glasses near the sink with the kettle next to it ready for making tea and coffee easily (with all the tea, coffee, sugar etc in the same cupboard).

    One thing I struggle with is how to organise small appliances which are rarely used, such as my blender, electric whisk etc. Do you have any tips for this? They usually d up just shoved into a cupboard and then I have to search high and low for them when I need to use them!

    • I like to store my small appliances that I rarely use in my kitchen pantry out of the way and off the counter tops. I love clean lines and an uncluttered surface.


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