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When I decided to homeschool my two oldest daughters their Kindergarten year, I scoured the internet in search of how to homeschool kindergarten posts for any and all advice I could find.

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t ruining their education and starting them off on the wrong foot! My insecurities were running on high!

Don’t be overwhelmed with all the how to homeschool kindergarten posts! Get all the ideas and tips you will ever need in this post to help your kids learning of sight words and more.

Now that my oldest is a senior and I have over 9 years of homeschooling behind us, I laugh at how worried I was back then.

But I know how scary it can be for a mom. You want the best for your kids. You want to make sure they are learning everything their public-school peers are learning such as sight words, math, and science.

One resource I have used that put my mind at ease was the Schoolhouse Teachers website.

The ladies behind this site have compiled over 400 courses over the years to help moms that are wanting to know how to homeschool kindergarten and beyond. It includes everything you need to know about homeschooling each grade including what to teach and when.


At Schoolhouse Teachers, they don’t leave anything out so that you know exactly what you need to cover for homeschooling kindergarten.

They offer a Scope & Sequence that details out what you can teach for each subject during your child’s Kindergarten year.

Read the rest of this post to see a sampling of part of their Scope & Sequence for Kindergarten learning.


how to teach art and music in kindergarten

Art and music are important elements of your child’s Kindergarten year and getting creative while learning will make school fun for your child. Schoolhouse Teachers offers art lessons which teach fine motor skills and builds recognition of different elements of art. Suggested reading lists about art and music history highlighting biographies of famous artists and composers are given as well.


how to teach language arts in kindergarten

Schoolhouse Teachers offers a broad range of language arts instruction including phonics/reading, reading comprehension, handwriting, literature, grammar and more.

They offer a Literacy Center which walks you through the steps to teaching your Kindergartner how to read and gives you assessments you can use to help teach these skills.  Schoolhouse Teachers also offers teaching tips and ideas about teaching reading through play as well as numerous worksheets and review practice.


how to teach kindergarten math

Using manipulatives such as blocks at this age is a great way to teach math to your Kindergartner. You can even use beans, small toys, M&Ms, or erasers to teach your Kindergartner how to count, add and subtract.

Using Schoolhouse Teachers for teaching Kindergarten Math is very comprehensive and will cover all they need to know from counting and recognizing numbers to 100, adding and subtracting, ordinal positions, comparing length, width and capacity, telling time, counting money, calendars, and much more.


how to teach kindergarten science

Kindergarten science is so much fun and you will want to introduce your child to the world around them through exploration and observation. Schoolhouse Teachers offers lessons that will get your child into nature and learning about the life cycles of living and nonliving things, the five senses, different animals and the science behind how our Earth is made.


how to teach kindergarten social studies

You can never teach every single moment in history so quit worrying Mama! There is no way you will cover everything. Schoolhouse Teachers can guide you and give you a framework of where to start. They offer a Traditional track and a Classical track.

The traditional track follows a chronological approach to US history and a regional approach to world history. For instance, in Kindergarten you can teach early American History (pre-Columbian period to the Revolutionary War) and then on to the next period.

The Classical approach to teaching history teaches in a series of cycles that also follows a chronological order but each cycle through history goes more in depth each time.  For instance, you will teach the whole cycle of history from Creation to the present time from Kindergarten through 4th grade. Then in 5th grade, you will start back over at Creation and go through the cycle to the present age again but more in depth this time and at a more advance level. You will then repeat the process from 9th to 12th grade.

There is not just one right way to teach history. You as the instructor can pick and choose what your child will learn each year and how in depth you want to take it.


how to teach kindergarten using unit studies

Unit studies are a fun way to teach different subjects to your homeschooled Kindergartner. Schoolhouse Teachers offers unit studies on several subjects, holidays, and events using lapbooks and puzzles. This makes learning so much fun for your kids.


They also have multiple resources to help you as a homeschooling parent including:

  • Planners (for mom and your student)
  • Lesson Plans
  • Custom Schedule Builder
  • Recordkeeping how-to’s
  • Free Printables
  • Members Forum to talk with other homeschool parents
  • Special Needs articles and helps
  • Monthly Menu plans to help with meal planning
  • Parent eBook Library including topics such as marriage, raising children, etc.


With a resource like Schoolhouse Teachers at your side, it is very simple to plan your child’s Kindergarten curriculum. They have basically done all the legwork for you. You just have to subscribe to their monthly plan (which you can cancel at anytime) and get access to all the courses you need to have a full Kindergarten homeschool curriculum at your fingertips.

Kindergarten is a great year for fun and exploring.

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the how to homeschool kindergarten posts you read online.

Have fun with your child Mama and remember, you can’t ruin their education this young. Pray for guidance and wisdom and the Lord will supply all you need!

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