The Organized Home School YouTube Channel is HERE!

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I'm so excited (and terrified) to announce I'm starting a new YouTube Channel for the Organized Home School!

I say terrified, because I hate seeing pictures of myself and videos! The introvert in me just wants to crawl under a table and hide. I'm the girl that likes to blend into the crowd, not be in the spotlight.

But it is really important to me to connect with you and reading a newsletter or blog post just seems so informal sometimes.

To kick off the new YouTube channel, I made a welcome video!

I would really love it if you took a few minutes to watch it and subscribe to my channel. I would also love any feedback you have for me. I get really nervous in front of the camera!

Let me know what you think!

My Goal for the Organized Home School Channel

My goal for these videos is to give you a good look inside my life, my home, and our routines to share what I’m learning and how I’m trying to make things more streamlined in our family.

The Organized Home School is not just about homeschooling. In fact, that is a very small part of it.

My mission is to declutter, minimize time spent on the upkeep of my home, and streamline our family life through routines and habits so we have more time to enjoy life and enjoy each other.

I’m all about simplifying life as much as possible!


My blog and this channel are structured with 3 Key concepts: DIVINE…DESIGN…DEFINE.

DIVINE represents the fact that God is a God of order and HE pays attention to the details therefore we should to. Our divine calling as mothers includes being the CEO of our homes. We are called to manage our homes and meet the needs of our husband and children.

We are called to manage our household instead of it managing us!

DESIGN is basically your plan for your home. What does your ideal day look like? What does your ideal home and life look like?

The Proverbs 31 woman sets a great example for us to follow as mothers. She managed her home by making sure her family’s needs were met with food and clothing. She helped her family financially through working from home. She delegated duties to her children and maidservants and managed the affairs of her home. SHE DIDN’T DO IT ALL BY HERSELF!

DEFINE determines the HOW of the whole equation. How are we going to achieve our Design plans for our home and family? What systems and expectations are we going to implement to make it all happen? How is the end goal going to be achieved?

At the time of this recording, I am just now coming off of having to work full time outside the home this past year. We also moved into a new home last year.

I am starting at GROUND ZERO.

We moved 400 miles back to my home town, bought a 34 year old home, put our 4 children into private and public school after homeschooling for over 9 years, and I had to go back to work full time to help us get out of debt after my husband was laid off over 2 years ago.

All of the systems and routines I had before, were completely thrown out the window and we have been in survival mode this past year.

So, what better time to start this YouTube channel and actually have you hold me accountable and actually see me implement new routines and get back the title of CEO of my life and my home day by day!


Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel so you can join me on this journey!

Hopefully it will be encouraging to you and fun to watch!


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