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How can this one little word capture what a woman does for her family? Whether you are a mom to one or many, to babies, teens or every where in between; you stay at home or work outside the home; you are doing incredible work as you juggle the different responsibilities of motherhood.

One of our goals here at Organized Homeschool is to give you ideas, tips, and encouragement for an Organized Homeschool, Organized Life, and Organized Business!  So we have organized our 15 favorite articles in one place so you can easily reference them as you juggle the responsibilities of motherhood.

An Organized Homeschool

As mom’s one of our primary responsibilities is to train and instruct our children.  Early on we teach our children to clap their hands or the meaning of “No”, and the instruction continues through their high school years and beyond.  And we quickly figure out kids learn best in a structured environment with lots of repetition.

Here are some of our favorite articles that we feel could use repeating as we seek to help you have an Organized Homeschool.

4 Steps to Plan your Ideal Homeschool Schedule will help you think through your family’s unique dynamics to plan a schedule that will work for you.

4 Steps to Plan Your Ideal Homeschool Daily Schedule

10 Unique Homeschool Schedules will give you a peek into schedules that have worked for other families.

10 unique homeschool schedules


5 Keys to Homeschooling Multiple Children Successfully has helpful tips on how to work with kids who are at different ages and stages.

5 Keys To Homeschooling Multiple Children Successfully

7 Highly Effective Study Habits my Teen Uses shares study habits that are good for homeschool and beyond.

7 Highly Effective Study Habits My Teen Uses

If you need encouragement or tips not found here we have rounded up a huge list of other blogs that can help you in your homeschooling journey.

The Ultimate Homeschool Blogs List

An Organized Life

Another one of the responsibilities of motherhood is caring for our home as we try to make our homes a haven for our families.  We plan meals. We clean and organize. We decorate.

These jobs are done out of necessity, the work that nobody notices until it’s not done, but when put together they create an Organized Life.  They create a beautiful space where our family can relax and do life together.

Read these 5 articles to help you manage the daily tasks of running your home.

Meals are a time to gather together as a family.  But to have those meals you must first do the work of grocery shopping.  This article gives some tips on how to grocery shop frugally with your families tastes in mind.

How I Feed My Family of 6 For $100 a Week

Daily chores are part of having and Organized Life and Home.  Mom you don’t have to do this alone!  Enlist your family’s help.  Read this for easy steps to creating a chore list that will work for your family.

5 Insanely Easy Steps to Create Your House Cleaning Chore List

Clutter builds up quickly and can completely overwhelm everyone in your home.  Read this then grab the free room by room declutter checklist to help tame the clutter in your home.

how to declutter a house pod style

Do you need some ideas for your homeschool space?  Check out these top homeschool room ideas.  The great thing is several of these ideas would work well as homework or home office stations as well!

Top Homeschool Room Ideas

Often times homeschool items, toys, or other clutter overwhelm our homes.  Having a place to store these items is a key to organization.  This article shares storage ideas that will beautify your space as well.

Homeschool Storage Ideas that Beautify Your Space

An Organized Business

Finally as mom’s we also want to contribute to our family financially.  In many cases managing this responsibility of motherhood may mean working outside the home, but you can also look for ways to work from home.

Here are some encouraging and useful articles so you can have an Organized Business that you run from your home.

Most people think you can’t homeschool and build a career, but it is possible!  Read these 5 secrets from another mom who is in the trenches of doing just that.

5 steps to homeschooling and having a career

When you work from home it is imperative that you find a balance that works for your family so work doesn’t overtake your home.  Get tips on how to reach that ideal balance here.

Ideal Work at Home Balance

As Mom’s we so often struggle with guilt.  Let go of the guilt by examining God’s priorities for you and your family.

The Working Mom War

Working at home is a great blessing but it does come with some costs.  Read more about some of the costs of working from home here.

Hidden Costs of Working From Home

Once we have our business going we need to look for ways to improve and grow that business.  This article has a wealth of ideas on how to market and grow your business.

100 Marketing Small Business Tips for Work at Home Moms

Which of the responsibilities of motherhood comes easiest to you?

What tips can you share to help other moms with that area?

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