3 Good Reasons to Establish a Homeschool Morning Routine

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What do mornings look like in your home? Are they peaceful or chaotic? Implementing a morning routine is a great way to make your mornings more peaceful. Beyond bringing peace to your mornings there are some other great reasons to start your morning with a predictable routine that your family can count on.

Top 3 Reasons to Implement a Morning Routine

#1 Mom needs a few minutes to meditate and gather her thoughts

Do you know what my husband calls me in the morning? MAMA BEAR! I seriously do not think I am a bear or the least bit grumpy in the morning. I just don’t like someone in my face, smiling from ear to ear, before I have fully woken up. I need a few minutes to gather my thoughts, in my quiet room, before tackling the needs of all of my family members!

Hence, the very important need for a consistent homeschool morning routine!

A homeschool morning routine is a must. It looks different for each person. I just need about 15 minutes to be by myself before I am pulled in fifty different directions. I like to run through the plans for the day in my head so I can picture a productive, ideal day ahead. (I can always dream, right?)

I always feel better and more energized if I can have this time to myself at the beginning of the day.

#2 Happy Mom = Happy Kids

If mom isn’t happy and peaceful, don’t expect your kids to be happy and peaceful. Happiness is contagious and so is a bad mood. If my morning doesn’t get off to a good start, it seems the whole day turns out to be a challenge.

The homeschool morning routine that you implement, should factor in your ideal desires for your family. I desire to share God’s Word with my children, so our homeschool morning routine includes a devotional time during breakfast. This makes me happy and I feel like I have accomplished something first thing in the morning.

We have a homeschool morning routine checklist that is posted so everyone knows exactly what is expected to occur each morning before school starts. This eliminates bickering among the children on who does what chores. This also ensures that personal hygiene is taking place!!

Having this checklist, which includes all of the items I desire for my family to accomplish first each day, makes for a smooth morning that works like clockwork! That means I am one happy momma!

#3 Children Learn the Art of Discipline

We all want successful children. We want them to succeed in everything they put their minds to. I know so many adults that are not disciplined in their life and therefore so much of their time is wasted. These are the people who that complain they do not have enough time to accomplish their goals.

I want my children to dream BIG. I want them to know they can accomplish what they desire in life. Making dreams come true through requires action, as J.M Power says, “If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.”

the first thing you have to do is wake up

I want them to know that it takes hard work and discipline to achieve those goals.

Mom, you need to start when they are very young instilling a sense of duty and a strong work ethic. This will serve them well their whole lives.

It speaks volumes to our children if we have taken the time to implement and plan out a productive homeschool morning routine. This teaches them the art of planning and how important that is in life.

A consistent routine shows them they can accomplish the necessities every morning without even thinking twice and get on with their day. This leaves more free time in the afternoon for them to follow their own desires.

Your kids will learn valuable organizational skills early in life that will serve them well in adulthood. Organizing your morning and living it out and seeing the fruits of that planning will reap rewards for the whole family.

Our Homeschool Morning Routine

6:30 am Mom wakes up, reads Bible and stretches

7 am Children wake up and fix their own breakfast (I keep a supply of breakfast foods available to pick from)

7:15 Mom reads morning devotional to kids while they eat breakfast

7:30 Children complete morning chores on the checklist (brush teeth, make the bed, get dressed, fix hair, put away their own laundry)

8-11 am School Schedule

Be Consistent

There are tons of ways to create a morning routine. The first objective is to write down what is important to you.

Do you like to exercise and get that out of the way?

Do you need to spend time with God first thing and pray?

Write down your goals and must-do tasks for every day and put it on the checklist.

Then STICK WITH IT! That is the key! Anthony Robbin reminds us, “In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” Be consistent and your children will follow. This will truly bless your homeschool.

if we want to direct our lives we must take control of our consistent actions

Even on the mornings where you have to be at your homeschool co-op classes, or at a doctor’s appointment, you must keep the same schedule. Simply bump up the time to accommodate your checklist. You may have to get up an hour earlier, but it is so worth it!

I know you will feel so much better about yourself and what you have accomplished if you follow these simple steps in implementing your morning homeschool routine.


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