declutter room by room

So, this is what I am working on today…..


how to declutter toys fast

How come no matter how hard I try to keep it decluttered it only lasts for a short time?

I guess that is the beauty of having little people living in the home, right? Does your house ever look like this?

I’m timing myself to see how long it takes me to get this straightened up and back to an “adult” and peaceful living room!

I also listened to Allie Cassazza’s podcast yesterday and I loved the guest she had on talking about a Cozy Minimilast Home that works for us in whatever season of life we are in. She mentioned that just because the builder of your house said that a certain room is the “Dining Room”, it doesn’t have to be. If you are short on space, use it as your home office or homeschool room.

It got me rethinking how we use our living room space. It is huge room but we don’t utilize all the space very well. So my plan after cleaning up the toy clutter is to rearrange the furniture and actually move our large dining room table in there and out of the “dining room” that we also use as our home office.

I’ll post pictures in the next post and get your opinions on it!


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COMMENT BELOW and let me know how you use the space in your home. Do you use rooms in a different way than originally intended?

I’m always looking for new and fresh ideas!

Have a great day!



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