5 Ways Homeschooling Helps Bullied Children

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Parents of bullied children often find themselves without options. It?s hard to send your child to school knowing that the environment is taking a negative toll. We all want the best for our children, and sometimes the best doesn?t involve school.

Homeschooling is a valuable alternative that can provide your child with a quality education in a safe environment. If you?re able to make the necessary time commitments to homeschool your child, there are a number of ways in which your child will benefit.


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Removing the Competition of Image

Children who are bullied for their appearance often develop deep-rooted self-esteem issues. It?s hard to be ridiculed for something superficial that cannot necessarily be controlled or modified. If your child is secure in his or her relationship with you, image insecurities won?t be an issue. If your child can be comfortable at home, you may as well teach at home. The elimination of image and self-esteem related insecurities will also remove pressure from the environment, making it easier for your child to absorb the curriculum.

Opening the Avenues of Learning at Your Own Pace

Children who are bullied for learning or comprehensive difficulties will have things twice as hard at school. Not only are their peers ridiculing their intellect, but their teachers are applying pressure to the situation. These children often have a difficult time admitting when they don?t understand something or need a little more time. They don?t want to face the backlash that may come with openly asking for help.

In a homeschooling environment, the child is the only pupil. This one on one learning environment makes it easy to take things slow. If your child needs some more time to work through a difficult concept or explore something new, he or she can have that time. You?re in control of the schedule, and things can take as long as they need to. You?ll also be available to give help whenever necessary, unlike a traditional classroom teacher who has dozens of other children asking for the same type of help.

Eliminating Social Pressures

Whenever a large group of people are placed together, the pressure to find something in common arises. This pressure is even higher among children, as they?re eager to be accepted by those around them. The desire to fit in and make friends can sometimes supersede the desire to perform well academically.

Add bullies to the mix, and things become all the more difficult. Children often contend with face to face bullies and cyberbullies at the same time. With cyberbullying on the rise, it?s important to remove your child from other potential bullying avenues in conjunction with school. Make sure your homeschooled child isn?t spending his or her spare time in a negative social media environment.

Positive Additions to Curriculum

When you?re in control of the school environment, you?re in control of the lessons that will be taught to your child. You can and must teach the basics in order for your child to complete his or her education. Outside of the basics, you have a little bit of freedom. Does your bullied child suffer from self-esteem or self-worth problems stemming from the severity of bullying? You have the time to help your child establish better confidence. Take advantage of your time at home together to discuss worth and merit. Help your child address the things that are bothering him or her. Allow them to see the good in themselves, despite what cruel children may tell them.

Making Room for More Fulfilling Activities

Developing skills and becoming proficient at something new is an excellent confidence booster. If your child needs a boost, use the flexible scheduling of homeschooling to work in new activities. If your child has always wanted to take piano or play a sport, it?s far easier to pencil in these activities when they don?t conflict with school. Some children find art and writing to be wholly therapeutic activities, and many schools simply don?t have the budget to provide creative children with the outlets they need. Set a little time aside each day to help your child pursue a passion and find fulfillment. Their soul will be better for it.

Homeschooling isn?t a decision to be taken lightly, but it?s a decision that many parents make for the betterment of their child?s lives. Talk to your bullied child about homeschooling ? you might just find that it?s the perfect solution for both of you.

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