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Are you wondering what to buy for your 1 year old daughter?

Or maybe you need a gift for a friend’s daughter?

This post has some great gifts for 1 year old girls on Amazon. I hope this simplifies your shopping process.

My goal is always to reduce my time spent and be as efficient as possible, so this list has a good variety of gifts for 1 year old girls you may have to purchase a gift for.

The items listed in this post have at least a 3.5 star review or higher on Amazon and a lot of reviews which means many have been sold. Some are even best sellers on Amazon.

Want to know my favorite of all the gifts listed below? My #1 pick is this Piano Mat.

best gifts for 1 year old girls

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I have included 5 different categories of the best gifts for 1 year old girls including:

This should provide you with a good selection of different items to choose from.

So let’s get shopping…

Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

Kids Play Tents for 1 Year Olds

1. SKL Kids Princess Play Tent

This is a great little play tent for ages 3 months and up! It collapses and folds easily and comes with a storage bag for easy clean up when done playing. 

Some highlights of this girls princess play tent are:

  • Big enough for mom or big sister to get in with baby to play
  • Foldable ball pit
  • Zippered bag storage included
  • Balls not included
  • Mesh design
  • See-through so mom can see baby while playing inside

Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • 250 balls are enough, but up to 500 can be bought separately for more fun
  • Up to 4 little ones were in at one time safely
  • The top falls off easily so one customer safety pinned it to keep it on
  • Does tip over easily but little ones seem to think it’s fun
  • Helped give mom more free time while working beside baby in tent

If you’re considering purchasing this princess girls play tent, be sure to purchase the balls separately. Here are the balls most commonly purchased with this tent…


2. Wilwolfer Princess Castle Play Tent

This sweet tent is truly magical with lights that mesmerize your little one while she plays. 

Some highlights of this lit up magical girls princess play tent are:

  • Comes with star-shaped lights
  • Provides a good sized space of 55 x 53 inches
  • Structure is more stable with the hexagon-shaped design
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors and is easy to clean
  • Carry bag is included for easy storage


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • Takes some time to put together but well worth it
  • Added a foam cushion so she could nap in it
  • All 4 daughters ages 11 down to 2 fit in it perfectly
  • Lights can blink or stay constant
  • Very sturdy and even Grandpa fits in it to play with little one!

Also purchased with the tent for extra comfort is this hexagon-shaped rug that is super soft for comfortable play…


3. Playz 3 pc Kids Play Tent Crawl Tunnel

Your baby can practice their new mobility by crawling through the tunnel from one tent to the other with this fun play tent.

Some highlights of this kids play tent tunnel are:

  • Includes a basketball hoop to practice coordination skills
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Soft fabric and breathable mesh
  • The tunnel, tent and ball pit can be used together or separately
  • Balls are NOT included

Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • 200 balls are not enough to cover the bottom so at least 400 is needed
  • Setup is quick and easy and spring loaded so it helps prevent it from collapsing
  • Great gift for little ones!
  • Loved playing with it, but material is thin and rips very easily
  • Keeps the baby preoccupied for a long time

Remember the balls are not included, so these are frequently purchased with this tent according to Amazon…



4. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

My youngest daughter has this tea set and she has spent hours playing with it. It’s great for using their imaginations at such a young age.

Some highlights of this tea party set are:

  • 10-piece set that lights up in six different colors and plays music
  • Teaches colors and matching as well as manners
  • 6 slices of colorful cake pieces to serve to imaginary guests
  • Has an off switch to limit the noise at night
  • Makes a pouring sound when tipped for realistic play


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • Loves the fact that there are education aspects of the toy such as numbers and counting and naming colors
  • Teapot actually talks and gives instructions to the child on how to pour the tea
  • Actually knows if two cups of tea are poured and tells her to brew more before pouring again!
  • Teacups have holes so cannot use for actual tea or water
  • Cute but really noisy

5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magical Musical Mirror

This musical mirror will keep your little one engaged for a while so mom can get some chores done!

Some highlights of this magical musical mirror are:

  • Includes 2 settings for learning and music
  • Teaches about textures, colors, opposites, and greetings
  • Has a mirror so baby can see themselves
  • Dancing lights for fun play
  • More than 30 learning songs and phrases
  • Accessories include a comb, lipstick, bracelet, and powder puff that is soft


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • It builds her confidence telling her she looks “marvelous” and “ooo la la”
  • Lots of positive messages and sounds are not annoying at all
  • Vanity is small but that makes it easy to store and not too bulky
  • Little girl has to bend down to look in the mirror so she put it on an ottoman to raise it up a bit
  • Smaller than they thought it would be

6. LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

Give your one year old a head start learning the alphabet with this entertaining toy.

Some highlights of this alphabet zoo are:

  • Teaches about letters, animals, and sounds
  • Lights up for entertaining play
  • Requires 3 – AA batteries
  • Music includes the ABC song and Old McDonald
  • Recommended age is 6 months to 3 years


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • Says the letters after playing the song so child may not get to that point
  • Little too advanced for a 6 month old, but great for 1 year olds
  • Great purchase if child loves to spin things
  • Okay but repeats same song over and over
  • Concept and execution is poor using a stretch of X is for Xray fish, etc.


Kids Balance Bikes

7. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike

With over 1,000 Amazon reviews and  5-star ratings, this balance bike for little ones is a best seller!

Some highlights of this Strider balance bike are:

  • Adjustable seat for all heights
  • LIttle ones don’t have to learn to ride with training wheels anymore
  • Handlebars adjust also so that your little one can use this bike until age 5 years
  • Durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires means maintenance free
  • Lightweight and not heavy so easy to manage


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • Wheels are the best part as they never need to be inflated
  • No Breaks so best used on FLAT concrete or asphalt
  • This should be all children’s first bike
  • Well made and well thought out
  • Balance bikes are good but they don’t help your kid learn to pedal, but coast

You definitely need to purchase a helmet for your young one for safety. The helmet below was purchased by other Amazon customers when purchasing the balance bike above…


8. Ancaixin Baby Balance Bicycle

These balance bikes are amazing! I wish these were around when my older girls were learning to ride! They didn’t learn to ride a bike until they were 6 or 7 years old!

Some highlights of this baby balance bike are:

  • Recommended for babies learning to walk or developing balance
  • Easy to assemble in 3 steps
  • Helps for seamless transition to a pedal bike later
  • 135 degree steering limit avoids falls
  • No pedal design


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • Easy to use and sturdy
  • Well built and close to the floor for safety
  • Bike is not super stable since it is meant to teach balance
  • Right size for 12 month old and well built
  • Turns over easily as the wheels are close together


Electronic Learning & Education Toys

9. VTech Sort and Discover Activity Cube

This activity cube is sure to delight any child! It has so many things to do it should keep them occupied for a long time!

Some highlights of this activity cube are:

  • Has over 75 features including songs, sounds, and phrases
  • Teaches colors, numbers, and animals
  • Book plays nursery rhymes
  • Includes a shape sorter to help learn fine motor skills and shapes
  • Light up piano keys will spark their music talents


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • Great toy but does the same as other VTech toys – only need one
  • Kids love all the different sounds and lights
  • Stickers peel and disintegrate when they get wet (keep the sippy cups and bottles away!)
  • Songs get annoying but baby loves them
  • Lots of buttons to push, spin and twist

10. LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

This book is a great introduction to teaching different words and expressions to your toddler in both English and Spanish!

Some highlights of this Scout and Violet LeapFrog book are:

  • Intended for ages 18 months to 4 years old, so it is great for a 1st birthday gift
  • Teaches 100 words in both English and Spanish that are age-appropriate
  • The words sound when they are touched on the page
  • Words taught include animals, food, colors, opposites, and more
  • Teaches fun facts about each word also


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • Daughter loves the book but the slick toddler proof pages are hard for her to turn
  • Does not need a computer to work, only batteries
  • Easy for kids to use and learn on their own
  • What a great learning toy!
  • Touch feature is incredibly sensitive though

11. VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

This toy train has many uses. Baby can sit and play with it, ride it, or push it around. It can grow with your child!

Some highlights of this VTech alphabet train are:

  • Comes with 10 activities
  • Counts as blocks are dropped in the chute
  • Encourages role-play with a walkie-talkie and number pad
  • Caboose turns into a wagon to put toys in for storage!
  • Blocks help to learn letters and vocabulary


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • One of their child’s favorite toys
  • Child used it to help him learn how to walk
  • Very fun interactive toy and encourages balance and imagination
  • It has so much to do on it and teaches a lot of information
  • Stickers on small square pieces come off very easily when baby chews on them

12. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

This fun chair has graced my living room floor the past 3 years. My youngest daughter loved sitting and playing in this chair since she was 1 years old.

Some highlights of this Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Chair are:

  • Makes great seating for your little one while watching a family movie or reading a book
  • Has over 50 sing-along songs
  • 3 levels of play to grow with your child
  • Toddlers love to store (hide) smaller toys in the seat that raises
  • Sit and stand to hear the words “up” and “down”


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • Child plays with it constantly and enjoys the sounds
  • Awesome for a one year old! Able to stand on it without it tipping over
  • Sturdy and easy to use for tots
  • Design is simple and no parts to come off and on to lose
  • The voices are much less annoying than other toys



13. Amy&Benton Toddler Piano Keyboard

This mini piano is so cute for the little girl in your life. This is a great way to introduce a child to the gift of music!

Some highlights of this piano keyboard are:

  • Features percussion instruments and demo songs along with the regular piano sounds
  • Child can play and record their own songs
  • Comes with a microphone
  • Automatically powers off with inactivity
  • Has hidden storage in the top to keep the microphone


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • The sound of the microphone unfortunately cannot be recorded.  Only the music played.
  • It’s kind of small but perfect size for little ones
  • She is literally glued to this thing and drags it all over the house.
  • Sometimes the microphone stops working
  • Smaller than expected

14. M Sanmersen Piano Mat

This is perfect for walkers and even crawlers alike. Children will have a ball making music with their feet and hands with this piano playmat!

Some highlights of this piano playmat are:

  • Piano mat lights up for more fun
  • Multiple sound effects when your child dances
  • Clear sound and adjustable volume (love this!)
  • Push the animals on the mat and it makes animal sounds
  • Foldable for easy storage


Here is a summary of what some helpful reviewers had to say:

  • Slides a bit so put some hot glue on the bottom to grip the tile floor
  • Both kids can play on it so a decent size
  • Noise isn’t too crazy and very easy to store
  • Fun, interactive educational piano mat
  • Fun gift for toddlers!


Which one are you going to pick for your 1 year old girl? It’s a hard choice, I know!


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