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Are you scared to death of homeschooling high school like I was once?

Are you frustrated with trying to compile a homeschool high school transcript from the classes you have taught?

Lee Binz is an expert in the homeschooling high school arena. She has graduated two sons who she homeschooled and they were accepted into their first choice of colleges AND obtained enough scholarships to pay for all four years IN FULL!

I have learned so much from this wonderful lady who has so graciously shared her expertise and experience with the rest of us homeschool moms. She breaks it down year by year and step by step so that there is no reason for us not to homeschool our children all the way through the high school years.

I wanted to consolidate all of her free homeschool high school free resources in once place for my readers and for myself so that we can refer back to this list as often as we need to.

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Homeschool Record Keeping Samples

You will eventually be asked for a high school transcript for various reasons in order to prove GPA, classes taken, or proof of schooling. Employers, colleges, and even insurance companies may ask to see your homeschooled student’s school record. It is very important to have the high school transcript ready for these occasions.

You can dTheownload these homeschool record keeping samples to make life a bit easier:

  • Homeschool transcript by Subject
  • Homeschool transcript by Year
  • Examples of Course Descriptions
  • Reading List examples

Click Here for your homeschool record keeping samples.

The 7 Secrets for Homeschooling Though a Financial Storm

Many times we hit financial difficulties in our journey in this life. You may experience an employment layoff or pay decrease or increased medical bills. May of us are one income families and finances can get really tight. This free ebook will help give you hope and some solid ideas on how to continue homeschooling while in the midst of financial strain. It can be done and homeschooling does not have to cease just due to a change in finances.

The HomeScholar will show you how to trim thousands off your homeschooling budget in this Free Ebook.

The 10 Essentials for Homeschooling High School

Planning to homeschool high school can be very intimidating. Lee breaks it down and tells us exactly what we need to make sure we teach and what can be left out. We can homeschool high school with confidence and certainty with the help of someone who has “been there, done that” and has done it successfully.

Learn the 10 critical courses to study before graduation with this handy guide.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make Homeschooling High School

Our main goal is to get our children graduated right? And we sure do not want to mess that up. How many times have you wondered if you are homeschooling and covering everything you need to? My guess is A LOT of times, like I have.

This homeschooling guide will help you know which pitfalls to avoid in homeschooling high school.

You can also watch this webinar where she goes more in depth on the critical steps you want to avoid while homeschooling high school.

Free Homeschool High School Kindle Books

Every Friday, Lee Binz, offers up one of her Kindle Books for Free and sometimes .99 cents on Amazon. I have learned a wealth of information about homeschooling high school in these free books alone. Be sure to check them out. Many of her Kindle book topics include:

  • Planning High School Courses: Charting the Course Toward High School
  • The HomeScholar Guide to College Admission and Scholarships
  • How to Homeschool 9th and 10th Grades
  • Homeschooling Middle School with Powerful Purpose
  • Scheduling – The Secret to Homeschool Sanity
  • College Application Essays: A Primer for Parents
  • Simple Science for Homeschooling High School
  • How to Homeschool Independently: Do-it-Yourself Secrets to Rekindle the Love of Learning
  • and many, many more!

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Homeschool Records that Open Doors

You’ve kept samples of your child’s work over the years (including artwork and book reports), in a Tupperware container or accordion file. But what now? How do you keep the right records for high school? How do you ensure your child gets into colleges and has a chance of earning scholarships?

Learn how to create professional homeschool records that encourage, equip, educate, and empower prospective colleges and employers with the knowledge they need to know that your homeschooled student is the perfect fit for their organization.

Learn all this and more in this free informative webinar.

The 12 Keys to High School Success

If you are approaching the high school years or are right in the midst of them, like me, you may be feeling overwhelmed and worried about getting it right.

What if homeschooling high school doesn’t work?

In this free workshop you will learn 12 keys to high school success, including:

  • The key to gaining confidence
  • the key to the love of learning
  • the key to choosing curriculum
  • the keys to success even with ever-changing teen situations
  • solid strategies to make homeschooling easier and more rewarding for you and your children

Click here to access the Keys to High School Success Webinar.

Homeschooling – How and Why It Works

This is a one hour webinar in which Dr. Jay Wile presents all of the most recent research and data about how homeschoolers compare to public and private schools. He breaks it down by all the different demographics and proves that regardless of your current situation, homeschooling can be a great choice for your family.

Getting Started in Homeschooling High School

Learn How to start homeschooling high school independently in this article.

Super Scholarships for Humble Homeschoolers

Are you worried about being able to afford college? I am, too! It seems like an overwhelming amount of money, especially if, like so many homeschool families, you’re getting by on one income.

Discover how your student can stand out above the crowd to earn those massive and coveted merit scholarships. Lee was able to get both of her children four-year full-tuition scholarships for their first choice university and now she is sharing these money-saving secrets with you!

This popular presentation will really help you break the code of those massive, college merit-based scholarships.

Click here to watch this free webinar on winning homeschool scholarships.

More Homeschool Freebies to Help You Homeschool

Grab these Free ebooks, samples, and webinars for homeschoolers. Titles include:

  • High School Testing – Simply Explained
  • Create Your Own Homeschool High School Notebook
  • Free Homeschool Articles for Your Support Group
  • Free Record Keeping Samples
  • And more!

FAFSA Explained

Get Up-to-date Information on Need-based Scholarships and the Ever Changing FAFSA to help you fill out this government form.

The Homeschool Parent’s Guide to Grades, Credits, and Transcripts

Your own, homemade homeschool transcript is official – you don’t need pricey accreditation programs, either. But where do you start? How do you know what works?

In this Free webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Create believable “Mommy Grades” that colleges will trust
  • Collect credits from all styles of homeschool education
  • Prepare a professional looking transcript that colleges will love!

Homeschool Parent Training Classes

Topics in these homeschool parent training classes include:

  • Homeschool planning guides
  • getting the big scholarships
  • finding a college
  • delight directed learning
  • college admission essays
  • gifts that pay for college
  • and more!

I could spend hours on The HomeScholar’s website just soaking up all of this free information. It can easily become overwhelming so I suggest just picking the topic that you are dealing with right now and dig in. She offers a wealth of information and all of it is actionable and simple in the way she explains it all step by step. It’s is wonderful to have an online mentor like Lee Binz to come alongside us in this homeschool journey.

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