Homeschool Room Ideas That Are Sure to Inspire You


Are you looking to set up your very own learning space at home? While Pinterest and Instagram would lead you to believe that you need an entirely empty room plus thousands of dollars for renovation and supplies cost, you really don’t. Whether you’re working with a small space, big space, shared space, or no space, I’ve gathered some real homeschool room ideas by real homeschool moms.

You can glean some amazing tips for homeschool room setup, design, and how to make the most of your desired classroom. You’ll see a combination of dedicated homeschool spaces, traditional classroom-style rooms, style-specific setups (think Charlotte Mason), and more.

Take a look at these posts from other homeschool bloggers and pick the ideas that work best for your family, space and learning style.


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Homeschool Room Ideas that You’ll Want to Try Out

An Eclectic Space
by Simply Happenstance

If you’re wondering how to create an eclectic homeschool space, this one will show you how to do it. For starters, Sara filled their space with all the things they love. In addition to tons of natural light, she added attributes such as artwork, dashes of color, and garland.

Her homeschool room also offers some amazing organizational ideas. She uses Ikea-style desks that offer plenty of working space and built-in file drawers. A must-have if you’re homeschooling multiples!

From Official to Multifunctional
by Not Consumed

Top Homeschool Room Ideas
Image from Not Consumed

Kim from Not Consumed originally went the route that I believe most of us would like to go in the beginning… an official classroom-style setup. She has the desks, posters, and all supplies in their rightful places. Having this kind of room totally works if you’re wanting the homeschool classroom feel.

After her move, her family’s homeschool room became a multifunctional area, which serves much better if you’re limited on space. She uses a shelving unit to divide her dining room and living room (what a great idea!) and uses magazine files for keeping the curriculum organized. This space is a must see!

A Small and Simple Homeschool Space
by The Moffatt Girls

Top Homeschool Room Ideas
Image from The Moffat Girls

Tight on space? Annie shows us how to make a small space come alive with colorful organization, built-in cabinetry, and a simple table and chairs. What makes her space amazing is the use of a color-coding system that she uses to easily locate curriculum, supplies, and other resources.

A Montessori Homeschool Room
by Sugar Spice a
nd Glitter

If you’re not familiar with the Montessori homeschool style, then just know it’s about all things hands on, self-serve, and independent learning. So it’s no wonder that Jennifer’s homeschool room provides her daughter Ella with practical life activities, an independent work area, and a light table – all in their own designated spaces. Her child-size tables are the super cute Melissa & Doug tables and chairs.

A Dedicated School Space
by Inside Our Nor

School Room Tour ION
Image from Inside Our Normal

For some homeschooling families, a dedicated school space is a must. For this family, the mom was set on having a few essentials: a reading couch, a community workspace, independent learning space, and computer desks. Check out how she made it work.

Instagram-Worthy Homeschool Room Ideas

Regardless of the type of space you have to work with, hopefully you have been encouraged to create one that speaks life to your homeschool. Always keep your unique family in mind, and even recruit the kids to help make an area you can call your own.


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