Tackling the Homeschool Table

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Where does your family land while homeschooling?

Are you one of the lucky few homeschoolers that have a dedicated homeschool room? I used to have one, but in our current home, we don't.

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So our homeschool room is the kitchen. The majority of our homeschooling is done at the dining room table. And it can get really messy!

I want to share a few ideas on how to tackle the homeschool table mess so that you don't have to be stressed out looking at it after homeschooling is finished for the day.

Start with a Simple Task!

homeschool table

Lets face it. You don't like having to clear off the dining room table every night before you eat dinner.

Keep it simple and invest in some pretty baskets or crates like these, and give each child their own dedicated basket to keep all of their homeschooling curriculum in one place.

This will also eliminate the endless wasting of time looking for their textbook or lesson plans that you prepared.

Only One Subject at a Time Allowed

When the kids are ready to start their studies for the day, only allow them to take one textbook and the homeschooling work associated with that out of their basket at a time.

This will eliminate having more clutter on the table than needed. It will also allow for each child to have a clean workspace which will increase their productivity.

When you have more than one child at the same table doing homeschool, it can get out of control fairly quickly.

Only one subject at a time per student, will cut down on the paper and space needed per child.

Place Shared Supplies in the Middle of the Dining Table

Does each child really need their own box of supplies? NO!

Place a box of pens, pencils, and markers in the center of the table and each child can grab what they need as they are using them.

Be strict about your children putting the supplies back in the box so that the next child can use them.

Also, never allow the supplies to leave the table. There is no need to carry the scissors around when you take a break. All supplies should stay at the table so that you are never looking all over the house for that pair of scissors you need.


Clear the Table after Homeschooling is Done

This is a non-negotiable task.

Train your children that when they are done with a subject, they put that book and related work back in their basket.

If your child's spot is not clear, they cannot leave the room until it is.

You have to be strict about this mom! If you are, you will be so happy to always have a clean dining table at the end of the day and ready for your family to eat dinner!

Consistently Enforce the Homeschooling Rules

The key to having an organized homeschool space, whether in a dedicated room or at the dining room table, is consistency and enforcing the rules!

Explain the process to your children, remind them for a few days until they are used to the new routine and rules, then sit back and enjoy the clean and clutter-free environment you have achieved!


Where do your children do most of their schoolwork?
Leave a comment below and share your tips with us!

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