11 Ways to Organize Homeschool Supplies in Baskets

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Baskets are a great way to organize homeschool supplies. They can be used in a multitude of ways. You have your pick of large and small and all shapes and sizes. You can put them all around the house to organize supplies in different ways.

Check out this variety of baskets you can use for your homeschool place and be inspired to get organized.

Baskets and Bins Great for Organizing Homeschool Supplies

Black, Blue, Red, & Green Milk Crates

Curriculum Baskets

A child should have their own basket to house the current curriculum being used.

You can include each subject’s books in a larger basket so your child will know exactly where they are each day.

Having their own basket will give the books their own “home”. That way they are not strewn all over the house and hard to locate.

Your children will know to put them back where they belong and you won’t have time wasted each day looking for the math book that’s been misplaced.

You can also include your checklist printed from The Homeschool Tracker system to keep track of your homeschool schedule.

This way your child has it right on top of his books and can get to work first thing in the morning and know exactly what to do for each subject.

Nesting Basket – Utility Storage Baskets – 5 Piece Set

Basket for summer reading books

Put all of your summer reading material in a basket in a common area such as the living room or a reading nook if you have one.

Put all the books that you want your children to read this summer as well as books for your preschooler and toddler so that it’s easy access for them to grab throughout the day.

This will also serve as a reminder for Mom to pull out a book and read to the children at least once a day.

The basket will be sitting there looking you in the face. This will help you read more often and also help your children read more often also.

Did you know that July is anti-boredom month?

It is probably because most kids are out of school, so having books readily available will help them have something to do, right?

So next time your child comes to you and says “I’m bored”, show them where the basket is.

This would also be a great place to store all of those educational magazines you subscribe to but never get around to reading also.

School Supply Holder Office Desktop Organizer Basket

School supply drawer basket

School supplies?can be put in a basket for easy access.

You can put notepads, scissors, staples, a stapler, pencils, highlighters, and pens.

Everything you need for school work to be done will be in the basket.

You can keep it in the middle of the school table or the dining room table or wherever you normally do school. This way, time is not wasted when the kids are trying to locate an eraser or a pencil to do their homework.

Keeping all the supplies in one central location in a basket will help eliminate a big time waster.

Singer Vintage Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories

Vintage Sewing Basket

Home Economics supplies are great to have in a basket.

A sewing basket is great to have handy.

It is nice to have all your crochet needles and knitting supplies as well as the current projects you are working on all in one place.

Organize your homeschool supplies


Hoffmaster BSK2151A Seagrass Basket

Card games basket

Baskets are great for housing math?manipulatives and flash cards.

Extra crafts that you want to do in the upcoming week can be placed in a basket so that you know exactly where all of your supplies are when you’re ready to get that craft completed.


GreenForest Home Organizing Basket Canvas Foldable Storage Tote Basket Bin, Red

You can put your library books and other borrowed items in a basket. This way they do not get mixed in with your belongings and misplaced. It will be a cinch to locate them when it’s time to return them.

Storage Baskets made from Eco-Friendly Jute

Baskets are great for toys, Legos, playing cards, board games, puzzles, dolls, and doll furniture.

You could even take a picture of the items so even your toddler can help clean and know which basket to put her toys in.

Whitmor 6500-2711 Rattique Shelf Tote, Berry Blue

Basket for paper storage

Store all of your different types of paper in shallow baskets. You can use a shallow flat basket to store cardstock, printer paper, construction paper, stationery, notebook paper, graph paper, and sketchbooks.

Ybm Home Set of 3 Mesh Storage Boxes, Silver Mesh

Paint Supply Basket

Paint supplies are great to organize in baskets. Store your brushes, pallets, and small paint bottles in a basket. These baskets are made of sturdy silver mesh which will hold up and last for years and would be easy to clean any paint spills or residue.


White Plastic Storage Baskets 


Kate @ HouseMixBlog.com uses baskets to organize her pantry. Why not organize a homeschool closet and put paper or craft and school supplies in baskets like these? Or use them in the pantry to store healthy treats for after-school snacks.

Magazine Water Hyacinth Basket

Fill a magazine-sized basket with file folders and use it to organize bills and personal documents. It would be great for storing homework papers to be graded or weekly schedules to have on hand. Have a designated basket for homework to be graded later. This way, as a homeschool parent, you know exactly what needs to be graded and it’s all in one spot. The possibilities are endless!

Now it’s your turn to go grab some baskets and get organized.

Baskets are great for organizing your homeschool supplies. If you’re short on space, you can even get baskets that hang on the wall or you can put them under the bed.

Another idea is to hang shelves on the wall and put your baskets in a row or on your countertops. On the floor beside your favorite chair is a great place too.

Using baskets is a great way to organize homeschool supplies. Each child can have their own and they're easy to move around the house. You should try using them.
Using baskets is a great way to organize homeschool supplies. Each child can have their own and they're easy to move around the house. You should try using them.

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