About Organized Home School

The Organized Home School promotes the 3 D approach to life.

Divine. Design. Define.

  • We encourage moms to discover and recognize their Divine calling from God.
  • Next, you Design your life plan and determine what vision you have for your family.
  • Finally, you Define the action steps needed in order to achieve your Divine calling!

God is a God of order. He pays attention to the details and so should we.

Life can be abundant and full of joy while raising our children.

Our hope is to share stories and examples of ways to manage our lives and households well instead of it managing us!

We can start this process by creating routines and habits that streamline all parts of life including homeschooling, meal planning, and organizing our homes.

It's time we become the CEO of our homes and design a life we love kicking chaos to the curb once and for all!

Here's a little video I made for our YouTube channel sharing what the Organized Home School is all about.

Next Steps:

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I'm so honored to have you as part of the Organized Mom community.

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