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The blank stare gazes back at you.

You know the helping with chores

The one you get when you ask or even tell your child to go unload the dishwasher.

The gaze. And then the excuses come.

“I did it last time. Why doesn’t Josh have to do it this time? I always do everything around here!”

Yeah, right!

Life doesn’t have to be this way though. With clear expectations of everyone’s role in the home, this kind of exchange doesn’t ever have to happen again!

As moms, we need to realize that we are the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of our homes. God commanded us to oversee the matters of the household and to manage it well.

How well are you managing your household Mom?

I know I was very convicted recently when I was met with the “eye-roll” by my 14 year old after asking her to unload the dishwasher. I realized then, that I hadn’t done my job as the manager of my home.

When you start a new job, what is the first thing you do on your first day of work? Go to new employee orientation, right? You spend the whole day learning about how the company works, the policies and procedures of the organization, and what your job description is. This ensures that you know what the expectations are and what the consequences will be if your performance is not up to par.

Why don’t we treat our homes with this same respect? Why don’t we communicate to our children in this way so that there are no surprises and they feel like a part of the team?

No matter how many children you have or how many different ages you are dealing with, you can get control of the situation and get your kids helping with chores with a smile on their face! Yes, even the teenagers!

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Here are Solutions to Get Your Kids Helping with Chores

Teamwork Makes it Fun

You want them to understand that cleaning and taking care of the home can provide more opportunities to have fun together. It’s not all just hard work.

Emphasize to your kids, also, that the sooner they complete their chores, the sooner they will have time for themselves. This will give them an added incentive to finish their chores quickly and be done with them.

They can work as teams if they like and help each other out, but they should each have their own individual chores as well.

Each Child Should Have Age Appropriate Chores Of Their Own (Job Description)

When you make out your list for the chores, include days and times that you want them completed. If the kids know when they need to perform their duties, the chores will more easily become normal parts of daily life.

Keep on them until they get used to doing their chores consistently. Ensure that they understand that it’s part of their responsibilities to get their chores done on time.

Training is Vital

The best way to teach them how to do the chores is to show them yourselves. At least for the first couple of times, depending on the difficulty of the chore, show them how to do the chore all the way through so they can learn the process you desire. Then, stay with them the first time or two that they do the chore themselves to ensure that they remember how to do it.

Inspect Regularly

Periodically have inspections to see that the chores are done properly. If they’re not done satisfactorily, the kids must re-do them. This will encourage your children to do it right the first time.

You can set the inspection up after each one of the chores at first. Give them ample time to complete the chore and then check to make sure that it is done correctly.

kids helping with chores

Set Clear Consequences for Non-Performance

Parents don’t want to be too harsh on their kids because they feel that the world will be very harsh on them anyway.

It’s important to remember, though, that you’re not being harsh when you institute discipline and responsibilities. Part of living is taking care of the home. Once your children see that they must cooperate, they will learn good lessons for the rest of their lives. They will know how to care for a home a lot better than if they didn’t have chores while they were growing up.

If they won’t do their chores at all, even after consistently using the techniques we’ve discussed, then you can take away certain toys or activities they enjoy. Since there are many things that might entail, you’ll be able to handle that properly with each child separately.

Always Find Opportunities for Positive Feedback

Praise them when they have completed their chores well. You can also offer a small allowance to reward them for their efforts and will help them learn how to manage money. A family movie night our fun outing once a month would be a great reward for the whole family as well.

When your children learn to work as a team, you are instilling in them a valuable work ethic that will help them in future job positions as an adult.

Get Your Kids Helping with Chores Today

It’s important to impart to your children what a valuable thing it is when they help with running the household. Your children will feel important and they’ll know that they are giving something to the family as a whole. They’ll feel like they are a part of the family in a deeper way, and they will be proud of themselves too.

Remember the solution for getting your kids helping with chores are:

  • Teamwork
  • Job Descriptions
  • Proper Training
  • Consistent Inspection
  • Clear Consequences
  • Positive Feedback

Life becomes so much easier when everyone helps out and there is more time to spend as a family doing fun things together!

You can do this Mom!

You are the COO of your family!

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